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Kwikee: Supporting The Moment Of Sale

by Ronja Schroth

Kwikee uses censhare to create, store, and automatically distribute complex data on 420,000 products so brands get the right content in front of consumers.

At A Glance

Industry: Retail and marketing technology

Products: Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management

Business Needs: Kwikee wanted a way to handle complex product data and distribute it automatically to retailers to appear in front of the right consumer at the right moment.


  • 9 million files on 420,000 products
  • 1.1 million image assets
  • 7,000 online channel users
  • 20 minutes needed, instead of 2 days, to pull a large report
  • 1 future proof platform

The emergence of ecommerce and the client’s desire for omnichannel content synchronization created an enhanced need for Kwikee to increase flexibility in the management of product data.

Today, Kwikee takes in product data from its own 'factory floor', where staff create and upload imagery and details. It also receives information programmatically from manufacturers’ own systems. For Kwikee’s clients, the censhare based platform means they can better manage their product content . They can then sell those products by assigning content to a specific retailer or sales channel, where it can automatically be sent and ingested in the correct data format.

"Read performance from censhare is outstanding— several times faster than in the past."

- Rachel McMenimen, Vice President of Operations, Kwikee

In censhare, Kwikee has a faster, more flexible data core for its platform. The system holds more than 1.1 million images and over 9 million files, covering 420,000 products. It distributes data to 7,000 users of its online channel and to hundreds of retailers via an API gateway created in Microsoft Azure.

"Some of our large customers with thousands of products will want to pull all the data they hold with us into a spreadsheet. That export used to run over a weekend, but with censhare it takes 20 minutes."

- Rachel McMenimen, Vice President of Operations, Kwikee

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