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Hearst: The Changing Face of Media

by Ronja Schroth

Hearst UK pushes boundaries by innovating and collaborating with censhare as it shifts from being a publisher to a modern media company.

At a Glance

Industry: Media & Publishing

Products: Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, Content Management

Business Need: Hearst UK looked to make its print business more efficient while increasing revenue from new streams – all without compromising the quality of its published content.


  • 30% content reuse targets realized
  • 3,000+ hours saved a year generating pdfs
  • 20,000 press shots auto sorted every day
  • 5% cut in yearly page costs for Hearst UK
  • 15,000+ documents processed a year (and increasing)

Hearst UK began using censhare in 2007 to bring certain creative media processes inhouse before expanding its usage to include the management of legal approvals, ad planning, content commissioning, editorial workflows, and image rights. Two thirds of the business now uses censhare in some capacity, whether in an editorial, commercial or management capacity, and the group’s relationship with censhare continues to grow.

"censhare is a hub at the heart of our businessthat deals with the more atomized delivery of article based content that we find ourselves working in."

- Michael Rowley, Managing Director, Brands, Hearst UK

Thanks to content hubs in censhare, titles with a similar audience can reuse content across formats and brands, letting editors easily collaborate, find content, check that they have usage rights, and see where it has been used before. This helps to ensure that asset reuse targets are hit, as well as the wider page cost cut targets of at least 5% a year.

"Overall, censhare has dramatically reduced the time it takes to bring a feature to print."

- Bob Bousfield, Systems Manager, Hearst UK

Download the full success story here


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