The Philadelphia Orchestra: The digital experience for the performing arts

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Philadelphia Orchestra, one of the world’s prominent orchestra’s was looking to break down silos to form a central content hub and single source of truth for its digital assets

At a Glance

Industry: Performing Arts

Products: Digital Asset Management

Business Need: With its first recording taking place in 1917, the globally esteemed Philadelphia Orchestra has a long and rich recording legacy, and a wealth of assets to boot. It was looking for a system which could serve as both an archival repository for digital media, and a content management hub. It chose censhare.


  • 1 system for all digital media types
  • 700 users globally
  • 20,000 unique printed pages per year
  • 25 TB of data transferred

The organization’s product is the experience of its sound, and as the pandemic hit, the non profit performing arts organization found itself needing to quickly pivot to become a digital media company. With censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) in support, it was not only able to do this, ensuring that its audiences were able to continue experiencing this sound, but also to expand and grow its audience through digital initiatives.

"The ability to grow and to scale along with our needs is something that’s really special about working with censhare."

- Roberta Gorin-Paracka, Digital Asset Manager, The Philadelphia Orchestra

Roberta Gorin-Paracka talks to Josh Van Dyk as part of the censhare ecosphere days digital 2021 about her role as the Digital Asset Manager for The Philadelphia Orchestra, the organization’s pain points, and how their censhare implementation is going a long way to helping solve them.

The three-phase implementation is ongoing, currently rolled out to power users of the DAM, with their feedback informing the next two phases and encouraging more institutional buy in. Very much in the middle of its digitization journey, The Philadelphia Orchestra is using censhare to break down the institutionalized silos of its past, and helping to achieve its mission.

"censhare has been more of a partner. The team is interested in how we are using the system, what workflows are important to our teams, and how they can best meet challenges. It’s a personalized experience that’s really important and it’s not something you always see with a lot of digital asset management systems."

- Roberta Gorin-Paracka, Digital Asset Manager, The Philadelphia Orchestra

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