Censhare and Aclevion partnership brings fresh wind to swiss market for universal content management

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The newly founded Aclevion AG is launching with an experienced team of Censhare experts and will be the first Censhare Platinum Partner in Switzerland

In July 2021, Aclevion AG will start providing consulting, implementation and support services for Censhare solutions in Switzerland. The team of 27 experts headed by CEO Jürg Weber comes as a spin-off of Censhare (Schweiz) AG and will become the first Censhare Platinum Partner in Switzerland , taking over the ongoing project business of previous Censhare direct customers in Switzerland.

Strategically, Censhare (Schweiz) AG will stongly focus on marketing and licensing business, as well as on the further development of Censhare’s partner landscape in the Swiss market, with plans to continuously expand its experienced sales team for this purpose. Previously direct Censhare (Schweiz) AG customers will continue to be served by their own account managers in close cooperation with regional partners such as Aclevion AG.

Over the past 14 years, Jürg Weber and his team have shaped the success story of Censhare in Switzerland and have many years of experience in supporting well known national and international companies such as Alnatura, Geberit, Swiss Post, Migros, Mobiliar, Swiss Re, and many more.

"It is a pleasure for me to start a new era with my trusted censhare team. A big thank you to Censhare, which made this possible in the first place. Our goal is to work together with Censhare and our solid background to further develop the application possibilities and usage benefits of the Censhare system solution in the Swiss market in a sustainable manner. I am convinced that the potential of Censhare customers and applications is far from exhausted!", says Jürg Weber, CEO of Aclevion AG.

"The Aclevion AG team has decades of experience in the implementation of Censhare and supports its customers in setting up central content platforms with digital asset management, product information management and content management . I am very pleased about the new partnership and cooperation with the Aclevion AG team. We are convinced that Swiss customers will find in them a new and competent partnerfor all current and future challenges around content and multichannel marketing." - Mareike Zaruba, SVP, Censhare Switzerland, Germany and Austria

In close cooperation, both companies will drive the further market expansion of Censhare in Switzerland and offer companies in the Swiss market extensive knowhow in the implementation of complex projects relating to digital content and communication.

About Aclevion

Aclevion AG, a "spin-off" of Censhare (Schweiz) AG and comprising a 27-strong team of experts, launched in July 2021 into a new era of consulting and implementation of software solutions in the field of information communication in any industry.

Further information at aclevion.com