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Idean launches Cards for Humanity, a practical tool for inclusive design

by Susan Maginn

10 August 2020 15:38pm

How many potential customers are left unable to access your product or service?

Cards for Humanity gives businesses an opportunity to overcome unconscious bias and stress-test their product, service or proposition from the perspective of a diverse range of vulnerable customers.

In the midst of a global pandemic and with a severe economic recession on the horizon, access - for everyone - to digital services is a critical need.

Whether temporary or permanent, vulnerability can affect everyone. And the number of people experiencing vulnerability in the UK has sadly increased.

1.8 million people told to self-isolate can no longer provide for themselves as they used to, leaving them potentially unable to shop for food or medicine, pay their bills, or access mental health support.[1] Many more are now financially vulnerable; an unprecedented 950,000 people lodged new benefit claims for universal credit in the last two weeks of March.[2]

Vulnerability doesn’t stop with financial health. 70% of 18 to 24-year-olds felt anxious about the future more often than normal during lockdown, while the Mental Health Foundation concluded that almost a quarter of UK adults had felt loneliness because of coronavirus.[3] [4]

“Without inclusive design, we risk excluding people from an increasingly digital world – which means excluding them from society at large.

“We wanted to help organisations understand this and tackle it head-on. That’s why our team at Idean have designed Cards for Humanity as a tool to advocate for and implement inclusive design” says Charlotte Fereday, Director for Inclusive Design at Idean, a global design studio.

Cards for Humanity works like an online card game. You deal two cards: a person and a trait. Together they make a random user scenario. Swap out individual cards to make new scenarios or deal again to get a new random scenario.

These user scenarios can be used throughout the design process to test new propositions, generate new ideas, create design principles or audit existing products and services. They can also be used to raise awareness and advocate for inclusive design within teams and the wider organisation.

Design more customers into your business to stand out from the competition

It takes time to consider the diverse needs of everyone who uses what we create. And time means money.

We often hear that a business doesn’t have the budget to invest in inclusive design. In fact, the numbers prove it’s an investment they need to consider.

The ‘purple pound’ is a term used to describe the spending power of disabled people and their families. It’s valued at around a massive £249 billion in the UK.

73% of potentially disabled customers face barriers on 1 in 4 of websites they visit and £2 bn is lost every month by businesses ignoring the needs of disabled people.[5]

There’s also a growing legal precedent and responsibility to make products and services accessible to all. Changing laws and regulations mean that businesses need to invest more time ensuring their design is up to scratch.

Businesses that listen to their customers’ needs and design truly inclusive products and services will stand out from the competition for all the right reasons.

For more information contact

About Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is live now and available for anyone to play. It’s just a starting point for embedding more inclusive thinking within organisations.

Idean run remote workshops using Cards for Humanity to help teams look at an existing business problem with an inclusive design lens. Contact to talk about a facilitated Cards for Humanity session.

About Idean

Idean, part of Capgemini Invent, are a global design studio. They challenge what’s possible to build organisations something new or improve what they’ve already got. At every stage of the design process they deliver value through inclusive design, from proposition development to running inclusivity evaluations and prioritisation for existing products and services. Read more about their inclusive design offer.


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