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Inventing Welly, an AI coach and fitness app for Bayer iHub

by Susan Maginn

Together with Bayer’s Silicon Valley-based Digital Innovation Group, Bayer iHub, idean designed Welly – a digital coach that analyzes a user’s health metrics from all their wearables, smart sensors, and smartphones to offer timely, actionable health insights, and recommendations.

The Challenge

Over 10% of the world’s population is affected by anxiety and depression, costing the world economy about $1 trillion in lost productivity. The problems are particularly acute amongst millennials. Additionally, more than 70% of people globally don’t have access to mental health services today.

As a large global healthcare company, Bayer understands the effects of stress both clinically and at a scale, making them the best fit to solve this problem. They were looking to find a new way to easily manage stress - so designers and strategists from Idean collaborated with the Bayer iHub team to understand how millennials are managing stress today.

The Solution

Through extensive research, we found that 83% of millennials wished to improve their health with self-health technology. 53% of US adults who exercise regularly, do so to cope with stress. Based on these findings, we sought to empower and engage anxious millennials to adapt and adhere to regular healthy habits that reduce stress.

Meet Welly

Specifically geared towards millennials, we conceptualized Welly, a digital AI coach. Welly analyzes a user’s health metrics from all their wearables, smart sensors, and smartphones to offer timely, actionable health insights and recommendations.Welly differs from the competition by offering two engaging AI personas. A friendly “Coach” who is available 24/7 to answer questions, give advice, and provide timely encouragement. The second is a “Challenger” who playfully pushes you to be a healthier version of your current self. Other differentiators include machine learning algorithms to provide deep, personalized health insights to the user and providing a single view of health metrics like sleep, calm and activity.

From app to business strategy

We worked on a business strategy for Welly and developed a business case of revenue potential for stress management. We also quantified market opportunities in stress for a one-pager pitch – this was based on secondary desk research, value proposition design, and business modeling. Business strategy and design streams worked in parallel and informed the other throughout the project.

The Outcome

Our teams aspired to merge healthcare needs with smart technologies and empathetic design to create a new user experience for the global consumer. Welly empowers Bayer iHub to launch a new service in the Mobile Health Tech industry and helps wearable companies increase their market share and loyalty by differentiating between good and bad stress and also understanding the root causes of those stressors. Most importantly, Welly empowers the anxiety-ridden population to practice and adhere to healthy habits and find value in self-care.

See Welly in action here.

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