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Downtown Boston Business Improvement District Streamlines Digital Asset Management

Downtown Boston Business Improvement District is a nonprofit dedicated to making this 100-acre neighborhood of the city clean, safe and welcoming. The organization uses visual storytelling to attract potential visitors, residents and businesses.

George Comeau, the marketing and brand activation manager at Downtown Boston Business Improvement District, leads the destination marketing organization’s (DMO) brand awareness strategy, maintains the brand’s digital and web presence, and shoots most of the imagery used on the web and social media.

Goal: Speeding up Marketing Efforts With an Organized Asset Library

The organization used to store all their images, including raw photos and low resolution images that would likely never be used, on a server. It was too time-consuming for team members to try to find assets, and the team couldn’t access photos remotely.

When George joined Downtown Boston BID, he knew that the organization needed a digital asset management (DAM) solution to help his new team work effectively. George had used Canto previously at another job in the higher education industry and decided it was the best choice for Downtown Boston BID.

“Within the first 90 days in this role, I planned to buy and implement Canto. This was at the top of my list of priorities,” says George.

Enter Canto: A Centerpiece for Destination Marketing

Downtown Boston BID centralizes their large and diverse photo library in Canto. These images of the city, people and events are used in almost everything that the nonprofit does – promoting events, planning urban improvement and beautification, local and nationwide advertising, press coverage, selling real estate in the BID, social media and more.

“Canto is the centerpiece of a lot of what we do. Not a day goes by when we don’t use it in some form,” says George.

Getting Set Up and Organized

George took this opportunity to shed any clutter in their media library, only migrating the photos he knew the team could use into Canto.

By setting up 20-25 keywords and tagging each photo, George helps keep the team’s asset library organized. The team can also find assets quickly with the search and filter functions.

Easy Sharing

With Canto’s simple-to-use sharing features, the team can easily share assets both internally and externally, helping them level up collaboration.

In George’s day-to-day work, he often collaborates with the district’s planner. When she creates presentations on beautifying the city or making it more accessible, she requests specific photos from George.

“When the planner needs certain images, I can quickly put together a collection link in Canto. We capture the end results of her work in Canto as well, since it’s all very visual,” says George.

And the team can share assets outside of the organization with Canto links, too, with photos ending up into local publications such as Boston Magazine or The Boston Globe and nationwide ad campaigns.

Real-Time Collaboration

Canto helps the marketing team collaborate in real time with external agencies, even when working together remotely. George created folders to share content with the team’s two design firms.

“I can talk to them on the phone and say, ‘Pull up image number 56,’ and we can discuss it right then and there. I love the flexibility of Canto being cloud-based,” says George.

The team also uses Canto’s style guide feature to share brand guidelines and logos to agencies, press and internal team members, nixing the need to send bulky email attachments.

Results: A Faster Workflow for a Fast-Paced Team

Canto helps Downtown Boston BID work faster and with more efficiency, helping the team keep up with the 1.5 million people who visit their 100-acre space of the city every week.

“Our success is measured by how quickly we can move onto the next thing. Cities don’t stop, so neither do we,” says George.

By cutting down the time the team used to spend on finding and sharing images, Canto has streamlined their work. And with the ability to work and collaborate remotely, the Downtown BID marketing team is moving as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

“Photography is a central part of telling our story. It’s impossible to do what we do without Canto,” says George.


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