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Danner Strengthens Retail Relationships With Canto Portals

A premium manufacturer of outdoor and work boots, Danner helped pioneer the footwear industry as the first brand to use GORE-TEX to make weather-protected shoes 40 years ago. The team uses stunning, aspirational imagery in campaigns that inspire customers to imagine Danner boots as part of their active lifestyles.

As the creative producer, Jeff Williamson, runs the marketing team’s project production. Most recently, he’s worked on the launch of Danner’s fresh look and slogan, “Go There,” which focuses on the functionality of their boots.

Goal: Distribute Brand Assets to Sales Team and Retailers

Previously, the marketing team was using a custom-built platform and Dropbox folders to store their assets. However, the company quickly outgrew their outdated system and the team was wasting time trying to find files and troubleshooting issues with the platform.

“Our old tool had limitations that severely limited our work. We had an outdated photo storage and content management tool that was custom built for us, but was years past its prime and cumbersome to use,” says Jeff.

Another pressing issue related to the brand’s growth was that Danner needed to be able to share brand assets with their sales team and retail partners quickly and easily.

“We were in need of a quick hit location where our retail partners and sales representatives could access our content,” says Jeff.

Jeff knew that a digital asset management (DAM) solution could help the marketing team level up with the company’s growth and made it his personal project to find one for Danner.

Enter Canto: Helping Their Content ‘Go There’

Danner uses Canto to manage and share their media library, including product and lifestyle photography, digital catalogs, logos and videos.

“Canto’s simplicity and ease of use were important factors in our decision,” says Jeff. “Canto has become the go-to place to get the content we need. It’s easier and faster than the previous alternative.”

All of the team’s visual assets are centralized in Canto, and it’s easy to share assets with their distributed, nationwide sales team and hundreds of retail partners.

User-Friendly and Intuitive

The team is able to find what they need quickly with Canto’s layered search and filtering features. Jeff’s time is freed up from answering questions or troubleshooting and it only takes him 20 minutes to train new users.

“I used to spend so much time answering questions about our old tool, but there are almost no questions or concerns now. Canto is self-explanatory and easy to use,” says Jeff.

Simple Sharing, Sales Enablement and Retail Distribution

Thanks to Canto’s easy-to-use sharing features, the marketing team can get assets to whoever needs them, including the sales team and retailers.

“We have dozens of national sales reps and they all have hundreds of wholesale accounts. We’ve set up custom public portals for our sales reps,” says Jeff.

“Sometimes, we’ll work with vendors and they need access to different assets, or we’ll work with a photographer who needs to reference older shoots we’ve done; that’s usually where I direct them to.”

The portal is a one-stop shop for sales reps and retailers, eliminating back-and-forth. The intuitive design and search function makes it easy to find assets, and the Danner team has customized the portal to create a smooth, branded experience.

“For example, a REI-type store might carry 20 of our products and need imagery to put up on their website. Instead of photographing the boots themselves, they’ll just pull it from our library,” says Jeff.

Results: Set It and Forget It!

Canto has helped strengthen Danner’s relationships with retailers and made it easier for the marketing team to support their sales team.

“I’m happy with how we’re using Canto portals, and excited about new ways to move forward with Canto,” says Jeff. “I’m planning on setting up a custom public relations portal with our head of PR.”

Best of all, Jeff and his team can stop worrying about their DAM and focus their energy on growing the brand.

“We appreciate having an application that does exactly what we hoped it would do. Compared to our old tool, which caused a fair number of headaches, Canto helps us forget about any of the issues that might come with a DAM,” says Jeff.


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