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Cathay Pacific Elevates Global Brand by Insourcing Content Management With Canto

Cathay Pacific’s travel experience is ranked among the world’s best. Upholding its brand standard, ensuring the cohesive and consistent use of its images and videos is greatly emphasized by the company. However, with over 20,000 staff members, and multiple external partners, Cathay Pacific wanted an easier and more effective way to manage and share its assets.

Daniel Edwards, Cathay’s Assistant Media Production Manager, works in the Brand team at their Hong Kong head office, working to deliver creative content produced in-house to the wider company and external parties.

Goal: Managing Influx of In-House Creative Content

Through inspiration from the Asia-Pacific region and their dynamic Hong Kong home, Cathay Pacific brings modern, forward-thinking attitudes and ideas in a simple way to its customers by using technology to make their journeys easier and more enjoyable. Cathay saw an increase in content when they began to produce their content in-house, so it made sense to also bring their content governance in-house.

“As a full-service carrier, we’re always looking to identify how we can improve the experiences we offer,” Daniel says. “This drive to improve our products and services extends from how we treat our customers all the way across to our internal stakeholders. We wanted to find a way to improve upon our previous digital asset management system and deliver a better and more efficient user experience for our colleagues.”

Daniel’s plan was to take charge of the Cathay’s asset management by bringing a one-stop shop for all their assets, making them available to key stakeholders across the business. With the Brand team continuously taking vast quantities of photographs and videos, there was a bigger need to find a solution for all this content.

“Essentially, what we’re doing is trying to insource and share more,” Daniel says. “One of the key benefits of having an in-house team is that we can respond to briefs a lot more quickly, making us agile and more productive and resulting in a lot more content-sharing”.

Enter Canto: Empowering a Team With More Assets on Hand

Cathay chose Canto to help the entire business access the content they need in a simple and efficient way. Canto was chosen due to it being user-friendly and empowering users with greater flexibility to configure the assets to their needs.

“Many of the other DAM solutions we looked at had a million and one functions, but beyond having tools at our disposal, we wanted a platform that is intuitive to use and easy to manage. Regardless of whether the end user is working in marketing or engineering, the solution needed to be something we could roll out without extensive training.”

Delivering More Creative Assets

Cathay’s promotion of their brands is done through different initiatives and marketing campaigns. In order to accomplish this successfully, Daniel and the Brand team need the right kind of creative assets in their media library for us in their various projects.

“Now that we have an in-house team, we’re able to create and host a lot more content. One of the great features of Canto is the ability to draw upon the insights panel to assess the download behavior of our colleagues. It helps us decipher what content is performing well versus not so well, and really assists us in our content plans for the year ahead.” Daniel pointed out.

As well as hosting and sharing more content, the company has found that there has been an increase in the use of available assets. “Having tools such as cropping, compressing and the ability to share links incorporated into the platform has certainly made life easier for our colleagues to get assets in a suitable format for their end use.” Daniel explained.

A Streamlined Workflow

Canto has made the workflow at Cathay more efficient across the company, helping to condense the work stream for the right people. The move to insourcing has paid off for Cathay, especially when it comes to its ability to create more assets for customers and allows them to promote their brand.

“We were looking for more of a streamlined approach to uploading, managing, and sharing. Effectively, even if it was something we produced in-house, we would still have to share that particular photo with the advertising agency and they would have to relabel the file and upload it to this DAM. Now, we can manage that ourselves in-house,” says Daniel.

Results: Sharing Better Assets to Elevate a Global Brand

Thanks to Canto, Cathay can now create and share meaningful assets easier, allowing them to promote their world-class brand and reach more customers. A highlight for the team is that they now have more content on hand, enabling them to spread the right message about Cathay.

“I think having our content at their fingertips definitely encourages people to be more proactive about using our assets for particular campaigns. On a lot of levels, it’s allowed people on an individual basis and also other departments to be able to produce more work and have a better selection of assets to work with,” says Daniel


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