Performance Marketing Agency Candidsky Branches Out Into Australia

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Performance marketing agency Candidsky has been appointed to work with PGL Australia which provides adventure camps in the educational sector.

The appointment follows from working with PGL Education & Consumer on SEO & Paid Media campaigns in the UK & Europe earlier in the year.

The work for PGL Australia includes expanding its organic visibility for Adventure Camps in the primary and secondary schools market - as PGL continues to grow its presence globally

SEO Director at Candidsky, Hayley Powell says:

"We provide so much value to our clients with a strong focus on data. It's the pot of gold for any 
performance marketing campaign. After achieving fantastic visibility for the UK PGL brand, we are 
absolutely thrilled to delve into new territory with the Australia campaign. We have a tried and 
tested method and heaps of data that'll propel the campaign's growth. The SEO team can't wait to 
get stuck in and we are excited to deliver fantastic results on an international level, as we
have in the UK"

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