Reaching a Gen Z audience for YouTube during the World Cup

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YouTube wanted to reach a Gen Z audience with exclusive activations around the 2022 Football World Cup

Using premium OOH AV sporting content to compliment its co-sponsorship of the tournament.

The Brief

YouTube shorts are the short-form section of popular video-sharing website YouTube, and are a great way to connect with a new Gen Z audience using only a smartphone.

YouTube specifically wanted to run their activities around the 2022 World Cup. With the aim of reaching a core audience of Gen Z football fans to supplement Google’s linear TV partnership with ITV.

With Gen Z viewing patterns being difficult to decipher, C-Screens identified the creation of fan-zones as a way of reaching this light-viewing football fan audience.


C-Screens worked with Powerleague and other partners to create a series of World Cup Fan Zones with large-format screens showcasing the tournament. Putting together a bespoke sponsorship package for YouTube, incorporating branded environments, sponsorship idents and on-screen spot campaigns.

C-Screens identified areas that indexed highly for the Gen Z audience they were looking to engage with, fand created on-site sponsored fan-zones in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Essex. This collaboration involved YouTube branding being seen across screens, car parks, pitches and bars.


With a renewed company focus on sustainability, our new engineering team used recycled materials from previous events to construct our large-format screens, creating our most sustainable pop-up event to date.

20% Over-delivery of total campaign

18 Sites nationwide

YouTube were keen to get in front of young engaged audiences with their playful creative for the 2022 Football World Cup. C-Screens offered the perfect solution with their sponsored fan zones, bringing together a young demographic and aligning their short form content with the worlds biggest football tournament.

~Aimee Sheehan, Director AV, Mediacom