Empowering brands: Bynder’s AI capabilities for managing content at scale

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In the modern digital marketplace, brands face significant challenges in managing their proliferating marketing content as they scale production and distribution to meet customers’ expectations

As technology advances and consumers increasingly engage with brands across various online platforms, the demand for diverse and engaging content experiences has grown exponentially.

Effectively managing content at scale has become crucial for brands to thrive and succeed. Scaling up content production enables brands to establish their presence across digital touchpoints, engage with their audiences, and create personalized content experiences that resonate with the right people at the right time.

However, as the number of assets needed to maintain brand visibility in a crowded landscape continues to increase, marketers face significant challenges when it comes to content creation, management, and distribution. According to the State of Content report, a staggering 74% of marketers globally struggle to keep up with their increasing need for more marketing assets.

This dramatic stat highlights the urgent imperative for organizations to be able to operate in a world where consumer demand for targeted content across multiple touchpoints continues to grow.

This is why, since the get-go, we have been leveraging cutting-edge AI functionalities to support our customers everywhere and help them conquer the chaos of proliferating assets to thrive in the digital world.

Leading the way: Bynder’s AI capabilities for seamless content management

At Bynder, being at the forefront of innovation is deeply ingrained in our DNA, and we are committed to delivering the highest standards of quality, security, and efficiency to our customers. With our advanced AI capabilities, we empower brands to navigate the complexities of content management and unlock the full potential of their digital assets.

In a recent survey, we asked our customers about their thoughts on AI and its potential to address pain points in digital asset management. The findings were truly insightful, revealing the expectations and excitement around AI-driven solutions.

A staggering 71% of Bynder customers reported that AI would have the most significant impact on enhancing content findability—a result that underscores the importance of efficient search and retrieval processes for managing digital assets. Additionally, 67% of Bynder customers think AI can help organize content, highlighting the need for streamlined systems that can categorize and tag assets effectively.

Perhaps, what stood out the most was that an overwhelming 86% of Bynder customers expressed excitement about integrating AI into digital asset management. In fact, by leveraging our advanced AI-driven solutions, marketers can automate tedious AI-Based Tagging, scale content creation, accelerate speed to market, and gain a significant competitive edge while maximizing ROI.

1 - Similarity search

Similarity search is another cutting-edge AI feature available within the Bynder platform. This powerful tool allows marketers to uncover visually related assets within the DAM effortlessly by using one or multiple images from the DAM as a reference. By selecting multiple assets, users enable the creation of a customized similarity query, allowing them to explore the library using ambiguous topics such as ‘fun’ or ‘leadership.’ Our AI technology comprehends the context and intent behind the search query, delivering precise results that align with the user’s requirements.

Thanks to this feature, marketers can significantly enhance the search experience and can explore and locate assets more effectively—saving time and ensuring they only use the most appropriate assets.

2 - Search by image

Search by image is yet another invaluable AI feature provided by Bynder. It’s a highly targeted search feature that uses an external image—or an image URL—as a reference to find similar or identical assets within the asset library. It effectively prevents marketers and creatives from recreating or purchasing assets already present in the DAM.

By harnessing the power of our Search by Image function, marketers can unlock the full potential of their content library and capitalize on the wealth of assets stored within their DAM.

3 - Automated metaproperty behaviors

In addition to enhanced image search functionalities, Bynder’s AI capabilities extend to automated metaproperties behaviors. This feature empowers users to create business rules that accelerate the tagging process and maintain a well-organized taxonomy and DAM. This way, brands can ensure that their asset structure remains in optimal shape without requiring additional manual effort.

With a well-maintained taxonomy, marketers can enhance searchability, improve asset findability, and expedite content retrieval—for greater efficiency and productivity.

4 - AI-based tagging

One of our flagship features is AI-based tagging, a solution that transforms how assets are categorized and organized upon upload. Our AI-driven system analyzes visual characteristics and automatically assigns relevant tags to every asset, eliminating the need for manual tagging and enhancing asset findability without requiring additional resources.

This feature streamlines the content management process and ensures that assets are appropriately labeled and easily discoverable when needed. By automating this time-consuming task, marketers can save valuable resources and focus their time and energy on more strategic activities.

Embracing the future

In the dynamic world of digital asset management, AI plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges marketers face when managing content at scale. Bynder’s AI capabilities enable brands to overcome these obstacles, facilitating effective content operations and empowering them to face the challenges of today’s marketplace.

Thanks to enhanced search capabilities, AI-based tagging, and automated metaproperties, marketers can optimize their workflows, extract maximum value from their digital assets and stay ahead of the competition.

Curious to discover the power of Bynder’s AI capabilities and how they can help your brand achieve its goals in 2023 and beyond? Book a meeting with one of our experts.