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Bulletproof breathes fire into new global brand identity for Football Association of Wales

Bulletproof breathes fire into new global brand identity for Football Association of Wales

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) partnered with Bulletproof to rekindle the Welsh Dragon’s fire – and inspire a footballing nation.

The FAW challenged Bulletproof to deliver a new identity that would encompass all football in Wales. An inclusive brand embodying the FAW’s motto of ‘Together, Stronger’ and reflecting the vital role it plays in supporting and encouraging players and fans throughout every tier of the football pyramid.

Bulletproof comments: “A land built on centuries of pride, resilience and determination, Wales is a modern nation with an ancient heart. Right from the outset, it was very clear to us that this is a place where football is so much more than just a game.

“With that in mind, we knew we needed to deliver more than just a badge refresh. We needed to create a modern, iconic brand that would incorporate the National Association, National Team, and Leagues & Cup competitions – allowing each individual facet to shine in its own right.

“Inspired by the spirit of the nation and the FAW’s positioning as a provider of support and inspiration, ‘Built on Welsh Spirit’ became our creative idea. Respecting the FAW’s rich heritage and traditions, while embracing a more progressive outlook, this idea formed the foundation of every aspect of the brand.

The FAW underpins all levels of football in Wales, so we felt our Dragon should embody that. Taking inspiration from previous iterations, we set out to craft something new that would reflect the indomitable spirit of the nation – something strong and solid to support every level of football in the country. A proud icon of strength and resilience, that embraces the traditions of the past, while looking ahead to the future.

“The execution was inspired by chiselled rock and slate carving, representing centuries of Welsh craft and industry, yet sufficiently simple and iconic to look – and feel – at home in today’s modern global sporting arenas.

“Our new brand uses a modular system based on building horizontal rows to create something that represents growth and support from the ground up. And proudly anchoring it all is our Dragon, providing a strong, solid bedrock for everything else to shine upon.

“Working alongside a typographer, we also created a bespoke typeface, ‘Welsh Spirit’ in line with our creative idea. Designed specifically with chiselled, firm foundations, it celebrates the traditional art of Welsh slate carving, yet is also inspired by the modern condensed sans serif typefaces used in sport.

“And finally, our brand colours are all grounded in the Welsh landscape: from the rolling hills of Glamorgan, to the valleys of the Rhondda and the peaks of Snowdonia.”

The unveiling of the new brand was teased online with a series of idents, while Bulletproof also produced a dramatic launch video, with voiceover provided by celebrated Welsh musician and 6Music DJ, Cerys Matthews.

Peter Barnes, Marketing and Brand Manager for the FAW, said:

Bulletproof approached the brief with a real passion for our history, helping us visualise what ‘Welsh Spirit’ really means to us, our people, our players and our supporters. The new identity captures what’s important from our past and brings it back with a modern energy. Built on Welsh Spirit, it’s a fitting symbol of passion, progress and pride for a footballing nation reborn.”