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Builtvisible's year of charitable donations

12 February 2018 14:31pm

Every month, Builtvisible’s People and Facilities Manager Karlymay Green has the privilege of making a charitable donation on our behalf to a cause chosen by our staff. These donations are a token of our appreciation to our team and the causes they hold close to their hearts. It is only through their hard work and inspiring suggestions that we can support these wonderful charities.

In 2017, we helped support a wide range of charities; from ensuring 2,600 homeless people a night are provided with beds and support, to ensuring girls in Sub-Saharan Africa can attend school during their period. Our support has funded research into Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB), helped individuals with mental health issues to get counselling, and ensured that more parents have the support services needed when tackling miscarriage, stillbirth and premature births.

Here are just a few of the causes we helped in 2017:

January: Chance UK

Children with behavioural difficulties often face extra barriers and hurdles to learning. Chance UK is determined to reduce these difficulties through a solutions-based approach to building a child’s strength, developing their self-esteem and finding alternative outlets to their challenging behaviour.

February: St. Mungo’s

St Mungo’s is a charity and housing association working directly with individuals at risk of homelessness, those in hostels and rough sleepers. Providing support to over 2,600 people a night, they set out to end homelessness and rebuild lives with emergency housing, mental health support and work services.

March: United Through Sport

United Through Sport is working with communities around Africa, South America, and Asia to provide youth from disadvantaged communities the same opportunities and access to play. Based on three pillars of development, United Through Support aims to highlight the benefits of healthy living, discuss critical issues effectively and provide pathways to higher education.

To view the rest of the full month-by-month roundup of all the charities we got involved with in 2017, you can read the original post here.


corporate social responsibility
corporate social responsibility
corporate social responsibility