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Record-breaking YOY organic growth for popular insurance provider

by Caitlin Dawes

Successful international migration drives 105% increase in organic traffic

The challenge

Continue to build on the momentum of year on year organic growth for Towergate Insurance, which has been sustained since our relationship began in 2014.

The solution

With a history of successful link building campaigns, we pivoted our approach in 2018 to revisit the SEO fundamentals in terms of technical foundations and content relevancy. This positioned us in line with Google’s accelerated focus of trying to better understand and satisfy search query intent within its results. In practical terms this meant:

  • Expanding existing product pages to cover the full breadth of Towergate’s offering
  • Consolidating and improving existing content to eliminate keyword cannibalisation and duplication conflicts, whilst extending targeting to capture as much traffic as possible
  • Creation of guide content to help provide more informational material for prospective customers
  • Reviewing and rebuilding both article and enquiry form templates to work harder at converting traffic
  • New hero content to build authority in specific target areas, supported by on-going tactical link building

Whilst the primary focus of 2018 was on technical and content opportunities, Builtvisible still acquired 107 new links to the domain. These links were developed using a combination of content-less tactics e.g. resource pages and converting un-linked brand mentions, as well as the launch of our ‘Art of Food Photography’ campaign that pitched an amateur and expert food photographer in a fierce battle to see who could make the most appetising photos.

Featuring an expert gave the creative piece another unique hook and resulted in high profile coverage including the likes of the Daily Mail and the Independent.

Builtvisible maintained its weekly on-site presence at Towergate’s headquarters which has been instrumental in the execution of the recommendations raised. Our presence allowed for an open and active channel of communication between key stakeholders, developers, content and PR teams, helping to manage limited internal resource effectively and efficiently.

The results

2018 was another record-breaking year of growth in organic performance for Towergate Insurance. Organic traffic to the domain increased by 38% and the volume of leads by 21% YOY.

Fuelling this growth was a significant increase in domain presence, as represented by a 75% increase in Searchmetrics organic visibility.

The domain ranked for 54% more keywords than in 2017 as reported by SEMrush.

42 new product pages were launched and optimised which, because of the domain strength, resulted in page one rankings within weeks, driving an additional 16k organic visits in 2018.

The roll out of a new article template resulted in a 50% increase in unique pageviews, 41% increase in time on page and a 7% reduction in exit rates.

Not only did the templates introduce a much cleaner visual that’s easier to read on desktop and mobile, it also built on existing internal linking to related products and articles to help funnel traffic through the conversion path.

The new enquiry template also had a significant impact on the volume of leads generated with conversion rate increasing by 20.44%.

Working collaboratively with Builtvisible, we were able to identify opportunities for improvement within our existing content and establish a strategy for 2018 that best leveraged both our internal and their external expertise. Adherence to this approach in 2018 resulted in record levels of organic traffic and leads – which have continued into 2019!

~Keith Mowbray, Head of Digital Marketing

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