IG Wealth Management boosts brand funnel metrics with programmatic DOOH

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IG Wealth Management wanted to increase brand awareness and consideration for its financial services across Canada

With Broadsign Ads and the OMD agency team, the brand ran a successful programmatic DOOH campaign that positively impacted its position in the Canadian financial services market.

The Objective

IG Wealth Management was looking to measure the impact of running a DOOH campaign on ad recall, brand visibility, perception, and market positioning.

The Strategy

The Broadsign Ads DOOH-specific DSP was used to plan and execute IG Wealth’s campaign, leveraging programmatic capabilities like unique audience and venue targeting.

The campaign ran for a two-month period, targeting specific demographic segments like business professionals, high-income individuals, and those between the ages of 35-65.

1.5M+ ads served across highly-targeted environments, resulting in approximately 20M quality impressions.

The Results

With programmatic DOOH, IG Wealth Management was able to successfully reach the intended audiences, generating positive brand sentiment and significant consideration to become a customer amongst the targeted audience.

Reaching the right audience at the right place:

Respondents who recall seeing the IG ad indicated that they have heard less about the brand compared to the 66% of respondents who did not recall seeing the ad, demonstrating the campaign’s ability to target a net new audience.

Additionally, respondents with an annual income of over $250,000 over-indexed on ad likeability by 30%, proving the campaign’s effectiveness in contextually reaching the right audience.

Delivering the right message:

The majority of respondents remembered the four main services mentioned in the ad, correctly associating them with the brand. More specifically, audiences remembered investments (65%), tax strategies (26%), retirement planning (24%) and estate planning (18%), proving DOOH’s ability to deliver complex messaging.

Generating positive brand sentiment:
37% of respondents with an investment portfolio of $100,000 to $499,999 demonstrated a more positive image of the brand, proving the effectiveness of the campaign in reaching the brand’s target market.

Driving action among target audiences:

47% of people exposed to the DOOH campaign (and recall seeing the ad) felt more encouraged than average to contact an IG Wealth Management advisor. In addition, from that exposed group, 12% of the IG bullseye target audience (ie: the 55-64-year-olds) expressed considering becoming a customer in the near future, the highest percentage of all age groups.

“Broadsign Ads was instrumental in planning and executing our Digital OOH campaign with ease and effectiveness. The ability to tap into specific demographics makes the platform very powerful in reaching our target audience!” - Lesley Robb, Senior Manager, Brand Strategy at IG Wealth Management