How Sea-Doo's first digital OOH campaign increased purchase consideration by +144%

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Sea-Doo, a Canadian brand of personal watercraft vehicles and boats under the Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) company, recently sought to strengthen brand recognition, purchase consideration, and share of voice in its primary market of Florida. The brand turned to programmatic DOOH, its first experience with the medium, to reach its core audience of personal watercraft, pontoon, and fishing enthusiasts.

Looking to measure the impact of its first DOOH campaign on metrics like ad recall and brand image, Sea-Doo ran a brand lift study in collaboration with Broadsign and Happydemics.

The Strategy

The DOOH campaign was launched in collaboration with Touché! agency and Broadsign Ads DSP, running alongside other channels like search and social media.

-Target Audiences-

  • Personal Watercraft & Pontoon Enthusiasts
  • Fishing Enthusiasts


Creative and messaging were adapted for specific, high-dwell time environments. In stores that sold fishing equipment, the ads featured copy that read, “Go places only fish know about.”

-Locations & Venue Types-

The ads were displayed in key cities across Florida, including Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa. Featuring a mix of outdoor and indoor place-based ads, the campaign ran across venue types like billboards, gas stations, and convenience stores to reach Sea-Doo’s target audience throughout the day.

-Key Publishers-

  • Clear Channel Outdoor: 15M impressions
  • Lamar Outdoor: 13.5M impressions
  • AdStash: 1.89M impressions
  • NRS Digital Media: 1.76M impressions

The Results

+5.3M ads were served over an eight-week period, resulting in over 32M total impressions.

  • +144% lift in purchase consideration: The campaign ranked in the top 5% for purchase consideration in the leisure and culture category.* 
  • Major boost in brand perception: +130% lift in positive brand image.
  • Strong ad recall and attribution, surpassing the industry average: 50% of ad recallers said they saw the ad multiple times, ranking in the top 30% for attribution in the leisure and culture category.

* Based on other Leisure & Culture OOH brand lift studies run by Happydemics.