Utilising Decision Sprints for a short deadline

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Helping The Marketing Society gain agreement from senior stakeholders on how to improve their landing page, in order to increase member signup and retention

Helping The Marketing Society gain agreement from senior stakeholders on how to improve their landing page, in order to increase member signup and retention. The brief

The Marketing Society is a member-only global networking and education association. Their mission is to be the leading global community of the world’s smartest marketers. They approached Brew Digital for help with improving their member signup and retention. They needed decisions to be made quickly but were struggling to get agreement between senior stakeholders.

The approach

We brought all the key stakeholders together to facilitate a [decision sprint]. These guided workshops are perfect for getting teams to actionable solutions quickly, and are dynamic and inclusive by design. The decision sprint is really helpful in breaking down the core objective or challenge that needs to be solved, so the rest of the workshop can be spent assessing approaches. Everybody was able to input their thoughts and opinions, and together looked at the extremes of success and failure. Thoughts were grouped together, removing duplicates and erroneous ones, and then everybody had to agree on what was left.

Together with The Marketing Society, we identified that their membership proposition needed to be streamlined. They have a very diverse audience, all looking for something different when they come to the website. The challenge was to meet those varied needs without diluting the impact of their messaging.

We assessed the different types of people who were coming to the website, what their requirements were and where they might be in their career. From there, we were able to break the proposition down into three core offerings.

The Marketing Society’s homepage would need updating to reflect the newly clarified proposition. As part of the web design process, we tasked collaborators to look at companies in different sectors that had a similar challenge, and identify what they liked and what commonalities there were. We took all those thoughts and created testable prototypes and wireframes to gain agreement.

The results

With all senior stakeholders now in agreement, we redesigned their homepage, the navigation, and their membership pages to reflect those three identified propositions. We also made refinements to the messaging to speak to their different audiences. When the designs were signed off, we passed them across to their web developer, and we were on hand to support them with any questions.

Within a month, The Marketing Society saw their membership triple. Within just six weeks of implementation, they saw a 300% increase in new members compared to the period in the previous year.

'Fast, fabulous and transformative. We had a new prototype in a couple of iterations and once implemented, it gave us a three-fold increase in new members!'

Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society