Supporting Redblaze to diversify business leads in new segments through digital marketing

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The brief

The brief

Redblaze are a B2B incentive and performance improvement agency that plan and deliver incentive programmes across the world. They put together unique trips both in the UK and globally, for example hot air balloon trips over the Grand Canyon, or a jeep safari in the Arctic.

They have been established for over 25 years, with a loyal customer base who also provide them with referrals. Redblaze wanted to generate new business with external leads, and hired a Business Development lead to support those efforts. They also engaged Brew Digital to evaluate their marketing and help bring focus to their strategy to maximise ROI.

The approach

We started with a Discovery Workshop day at their office where together we analysed competitors, their audience, current marketing activities and material, the sales process as well as providing a technical audit of their current website. Through this process we uncovered that Redblaze were currently trying to reach a very wide audience and be ‘something to everyone’. They had a broad proposition, which included not only incentive programmes but also events, conferences, and exhibition stands.

During the workshop we identified in collaboration with Redblaze that their strengths were in incentives. We also ran an audience workshop to help them identify who their target audience were, and then segmented this down into targeted groups. Once we had identified these things, we set about refining the website to align with the core proposition.

From there, we began planning how to best use their marketing channels to generate leads, with a bias towards website traffic. In the short term we focused on paid search rather than SEO, launching an ad campaign on Google, and then optimising over time based on conversion rates and search volume.

We know that digital marketing isn’t something you can set and forget; there needs to be continual data-driven refinement to truly maximise ROI. Because of our strong working relationship, we are able to monitor results together and refine based on changing priorities. We run monthly review meetings with Redblaze where we scrutinise the data together, and make suggestions on where we can go next.

We also created a real-time dashboard for them that amalgamates data from Google analytics, AdWords, and social channels, providing a single view of all key metrics, including website visitors, conversions, spend, ad groups and keyword performance. This makes the process of data interrogation easier, and saves time for their new Business Development lead.

The results

In the first 12 months of the new digital marketing strategy, Redblaze secured over £200k of revenue – a substantial ROI based on their monthly spend. We’ve recently relaunched their Google Ads campaigns and in the first month they won a contract worth over £175k.

We are thrilled with the early success of the campaign, and are now reviewing the activity to increase the digital marketing budget. Given our data-driven approach, we chose to wait instead of immediately making changes to the budget. This ensured that we were appropriately informed to make the best decisions on our scaling strategy.

We are now looking to make further enhancements to the website and their SEO. We’re also working with them to develop a regular blog that they can use to highlight their industry expertise.

“They’re a perfect client, we work in partnership with them and converse with their Business Development person to constantly improve and refine every element over time. They take our advice on what needs to happen…they trust us.

Richard Harper, Head of Digital Marketing Services, Brew Digital