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The brief

The brief

Adaptavist has been a key player in the Atlassian ecosystem for many years, but when they first started working with Brew Digital in 2016, they were just 60 employees and a Marketing team of 1. Their ambition was to become the ”biggest and best Atlassian Partner by every reasonable metric”, and their brand and online presence are fundamental to achieving that goal.

Originally, the website was running on Confluence - a tool that is great for intranets and knowledge bases, but not ideally suited for a public-facing website. Also, while the elegant Adaptavist glyph logo and easily identifiable orange were in place, nothing much else about the branding was…

Our approach

Brew Digital has worked extremely closely with Adaptavist over the years to develop the brand, and the entire online presence - the website and all online channels as well as offline (such as events).

For a company growing as rapidly as Adaptavist, the website demands also change rapidly, with demands for a faster, more secure and more customisable site becoming ever more important. The website evolved from the original Confluence site through to WordPress, then a more bespoke CMS, through to the headless CMS that is in use today.

The Adaptavist website is really the “shop front” and while products and services cannot be purchased directly through it, so the focus is connecting visitors to the appropriate marketplaces for software products, or to the Sales team for services.

But the website is not just about buying - in fact, a larger focus is on providing knowledge and thought leadership through the wide variety of product documentation, case studies, blog posts, podcasts, webinars, eBooks and whitepapers. These ensure that the website is a valuable resource whether someone is an existing Adaptavist customer or not.

In 2017, Brew Digital joined the Adaptavist Group enabling an even closer working relationship.

'Adaptavist and Brew Digital already had a great working relationship, so becoming part of the Adaptavist Group enabled us to take that partnership to the next level! Being able to get more embedded with the Adaptavist Marketing team enables us to do more, innovate more and achieve more for them.'

Gareth Llewellyn, Managing Director, Brew Digital

As Adaptavist scaled and the Marketing team grew, the brand matured and became better and more clearly defined. Along with the libraries of the brand, assets came with more thorough brand guidelines, both for internal and external use, a clearer tone of voice, and just a clearer style. You’ll see this in their social posts

Read our blog post about the development of the Adaptavist brand colour palette.

As the website and brand grew, digital marketing became more and more important, with more emphasis on ensuring that they are reaching the right audience, ensuring that people can find the information they want quickly and easily and that every point of contact is providing value.

The results

Adaptavist has grown from 60 people in the UK to over 600 globally and has expanded well beyond the Atlassian ecosystem, now partnering with software vendors including AWS,, GitLab, and Aha.

They have achieved their aim of becoming the biggest and best Atlassian partner, being a Platinum Enterprise and Government Solution Partner, Platinum Marketplace Partner, and Certified Training Partner, and winning award after award, such as the Atlassian Partner of the Year: Cloud Experience or the Deloitte Fast 50 winner and one of the UK Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For.