Definitive? Rare? Crafted? Unique? Luxury? What does your brand represent?

Clients come to us because they have something really special to offer the marketplace. Whether it be one of the rarest whiskies in the world, the finest furniture, or one of the world's oldest educational establishments, clients choose us for our ability to convey those unique qualities through packaging, advertising, literature and digital media.

Craig Mackinlay, founder of Breeze Creative, has won many awards across the globe, particularly for packaging design, demonstrating his ability to come up with truly effective and impactful design solutions.

Unlike other design agencies where jobs are often shared amongst a team, at Breeze Creative, you will always work directly and only with Craig, ensuring you only get the highest standard of creativity and attention to detail.

Give him a brief and a blank piece of paper and he'll create a brand for you that oozes authenticity, individuality and quality. If you've got a brand already that needs a new lease of life, he can give you evolution.. or complete revolution... And he'll inject that energy into all your communication materials.
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