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Alofoke Radio Renews Channel Management Contract for 2 Years

by Catherine Woodward

October 1, 2020

Brave Bison will continue its role in the management of the Alofoke YouTube channels, as well as acting in an advisory capacity to further grow their eCommerce offering and identify additional revenue opportunities across other digital media platforms.

We’re excited to announce a two-year renewal with Alofoke Radio Show, the biggest radio show in the Dominican Republic. As a core element of the partnership, Brave Bison will continue its significant role in the management of the brand’s YouTube channels, as well as acting in an advisory capacity to further grow their eCommerce offering and identify additional opportunities across other digital platforms. Brave Bison is working with Alofoke to build and develop even more brands, to diversify revenue streams and to continue growing the now hugely successful main channel, Alofoke Radio.

Alofoke first partnered with Brave Bison in 2014, when the channel had fewer than 80k subscribers and was only making 10m views on a yearly basis. They were looking for a partner that would help them manage and optimise their channel, to bridge the gap between creative and business development through content monetisation. As a direct result of the relationship to date, Alofoke is now a leading entertainment brand with 2.5m subscribers and is delivering 230m yearly views.

The Alofoke brand is well known for exclusive interviews with successful and famous music artists. In these interviews, the host and guests talk about all things music, analysing and debating current trends, but they also frequently highlight interesting topics of discussion in the Dominican Republic. In recent years, the show has evolved to see a select number of content strands centered on political content and the show has even welcomed the President as a guest.

Following the renewal, Brave Bison will be working closely with the brand to identify exciting digital opportunities, strengthen the eCommerce offering, support in the growth of new brands and new content and ultimately attract new audiences whilst nurturing and retaining existing ones.

“It is great to see our relationship with Alofoke keep growing and expanding; from the Channel Management focus of the partnership’s infancy, to now growing the business as a whole in the new digital world. The sky’s the limit with this brand and we are happy that we are trusted by the client to take it there – and beyond.”

~Christos Constantinou, Director of Operations at Brave Bison

“It is incredibly gratifying to work with a true media entrepreneur like Santiago Matias. In the last few years he has grown to become one of the biggest names within the whole of the Latin Urban Music scene with a far-reaching, committed audience of approaching 3 million on YouTube alone. With the creation of additional channels and an Ecommerce storefront, the recent growth has been staggering and I’m excited to see what the future holds

~Adam Raw, Head of YouTube Operations at Brave Bison

After years of working hard to create the best content for our channel we have developed a devoted fan base that we are proud of. We have learned that it’s not about what camera you have or where you record but what you put out for the people and the respect and response we get back is simply the best feeling. Having joined forces to create the upmost quality content and ideas and to be able to reach each of our channel’s goals and while at the same time having the same mind set of “Hard work pays off” is the reason why we are so glad to be proceeding our relationship with Brave Bison

~Santiago Matías, Founder of Alofoke Music SLR


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