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Let’s go for a drive with The Hook

by Catherine Woodward

Sex Drive is the first series launch in a new suite of talent-led original commissions, from The Hook, focusing on high quality, engaging digital content. Sex Drive is an intergenerational comedy original series with weekly episodes around themes of sex, love and relationships - topics we know our Gen Z and millennial audience loves.

The influencers were paired up with a family member to take a drive and talk the nitty gritty of sex, love and relationships. The comedy series features hilarious, shocking and heartwarming stories on topics such as dating apps, falling in love, celibacy, one-night stands and living in a thruple.

The Brave Bison approach when working with influencers and creators is talent-agnostic, meaning that we are not beholden to work exclusively with a finite roster of talent. This freedom allowed us to recruit the help of well-known millennial influencers and household names with large social presences. We joined up with Chris Taylor, Amina, Danni Menzies and Chloe Veitch to deliver the series.

Our influencers shared the show’s content with their followers on Instagram and this exposure reached a total of 3 million followers globally. Across all platforms, including The Hook website, the Sex Drive series gained over 1.5 million views.

Comments from fellow influencers and TV stars flooded in across the Instagram posts shared by our influencers and creators, which drove awareness and further conversation around Sex Drive.


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The Hook