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Flying High with All Nippon Airways

by Catherine Woodward

The brief

With over 31 million foreign visitors in 2018, Japan is one of Asia’s top destinations. However, tourism is typically centred on the capital and nearby surrounding getaways. ANA is the region’s number one airline, serving over 40 destinations across Japan and they wanted to remind customers of the options outside of Tokyo, attracting travellers to explore more of this fascinating country.

Our response

Japan is a country with a multitude of incredible stories just waiting to be told. By positioning ANA as the storyteller and working with Influencers alongside our Brave Bison production team, we we knew could help ANA tell authentic local stories and maintain the airline’s quality heritage. We created a cross-platform strategy that utilised six influencers from the wider Asian region. We produced video content of their experiences in Tokyo and the other Japanese cities within ANA’s extensive domestic network. The six content creators from across Asia were: Smart Local (Singapore), Josephine Yap (Malaysia), LASTDAY Production (Indonesia), Chloe Nguyen (Vietnam), WiriWiri and Chanagan (Thailand). Each creator was sent on an unforgettable trip across Japan, having incredible adventures. The influencers then shared their experiences via authentic social content across Instagram and YouTube. The video content was produced by Brave Bison and aimed to reflect the ANA brand ethos of quality and adventure.

The results

In the first month of the campaign the posts received 2.7m paid views and 8.7m organic views, with more than 475,000 engagements. There were also 4.9m added value impressions from additional content that our influencers chose to make during their adventures, purely because they were having such a great time! Spreading the uploads out across a longer period of time meant we kept audiences engaged from pre-shoot (with the IG teaser videos), all the way through to the end where content was used to promote the YouTube vlog. Using Instagram Polls (Stories) meant that the talent could truly engage their audience and ANA even had their own audience voting and taking part in their Journey by Design. In fact, the content performed so successfully that ANA licensed it to be viewed on their inflight entertainment system – an industry first!


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All Nippon Airways