Magners Website Design and Build

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As part of a wider cross-channel shift in brand strategy, Bravand was tasked with developing a new online presence for the core brand and all variants

Through digital jiggery-pokery, our team aimed to truly bring the new brand ethos of “Now is a Good Time” to life across desktop and mobile.

Inspired by the new brand ethos, our team set about developing a site that inspired the 18-30 year old Magners audience to get out there and have a good time with their mates. Imagery, copy and functionality were all developed with this in mind and special attention was given to developing a real storytelling element to the brand’s about section.

The new Magners website was launched in April 2014. Highlights of our work includes a homepage content configurator that delivers personalised imagery and copy depending on the weather in your area, fully responsive and intuitive navigation and design, a gorgeous parallax scrolling about section, and serving suggestions to further inspire experimentation with product... …and whats more, we also won an award! The new Magners website was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award in the 2015 Interactive Media Awards for the Food and Drink category!