How do you take a cartoon icon and turn her into a beautiful online shopping experience?

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Betty Boop is one of the world’s most loved characters, however her online home was a little out of date across both design and functionality

By tapping into Amazon’s API, we can build a suitable home befitting such a character that also deliver commercial results in the form of official merchandise sales.

We worked closely with King Features, the worldwide exclusive licensing agency for Betty Boop, and their creative team. This enables us to bring together a design that capitalised on the style and social element of the brand, whilst also building an extensive online shopping experience using the WooCommerce platform and powered by Amazon’s API.

The relaunched Betty Boop website is fully optimized for the multiple platforms and devices that fans have come to live by. Other features include competitions and promotions, a blog, live social media feeds across Twitter and Instagram featured on the homepage, as well as a triple-tiered Facebook feed taking in content from the character’s three core Facebook pages across the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia.

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