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Kraft Heinz achieves media first in The Netherlands with a 77% increase in store visits using Blis’ new Habits to Home Targeting

by Marian Brannelly

Brand challenge:

Kraft Heinz wanted to drive foot traffic into the Jumbo supermarket stores and create brand awareness of their new Karvan Cevitam Signature Blends flavours. The brand was launched in spring and contains four deliciously refreshing cordial flavours: lime & mint, strawberry & rhubarb, white grape & elderflower and lemon & orange blossom in a 500ml retailing at €3.49 bottle.

Blis solution:

Our Blis Activation products; Location Targeting and Habits to Home Targeting enabled Kraft Heinz to effectively increase purchase intent by driving relevant consumers into Jumbo stores.

  • Habits to Home Targeting: Blis targeted audiences who had visited one of the selected Jumbo locations, and re-targeted them at home along with all connected devices within the entire household, to reach all decision makers.
  • Location Targeting: Blis targeted audiences in proximity to selected Jumbo supermarket stores.

Campaign snapshot

We used three different creative sizes, (MPU, mobile banner, interstitial) with an expandable map. The main objective was to drive people into selected Jumbo stores.

Creative user journey

The creative of the unit once engaged with allowed users to either visit the eCommerce site, or visit their local store. Of the users that clicked to open the map, 7.65% of them then clicked to visit the Jumbo eCommerce site. (3.46% from the H2H Targeting and 4.19% from the Location Targeting).

Results and insights

  • Store visits were tracked for 7 days post ad exposure.
  • At this time, the 173,397 unique mobile devices exposed converted 1,749 users into store, resulting in a FTR of 1.01%.

Key takeaways

Most devices were from the Habits to Home audiences who visited the Jumbo store within 24 hours of ad exposure. This is a good indication that many people convert quickly after seeing the ad.


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