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”Working with Bind has been a pleasure. From day one our account manager showed knowledge of our market, interest in our products and an understanding of our objectives. We have seen our account become more consistent in its returns and achieve growth even after a post-covid decline and historically difficult summer period.”
”BIND MEDIA FOR THE WIN! I truly enjoy working with Bind Media and I really like how friendly and energetic the agency is, its very visible to be as a client that they have a great culture and truly care not only about us as clients but also their staff - that is a rare sight and something that is important to me as a client. They focus on diversity and it's not only in their pitch, but in reality, which is great to see. They show true interests in our industry, our company and even tailor their reports with pet friendly assets to make it feel our own. They are always super quick to respond and have helped us many times outside scope as well with small or bigger questions. I feel we as a company get great value from Bind Media and looking at our results after they took over, has been amazing. All in all, I am over the moon with Bind and recommend them to all.”
”We could not be happier with our decision to work with Bind Media for our paid search and PPC campaigns. They have a great team, lots of experience and they delivered as promised.”
”I can't say enough good things about Bind! Their team's expertise and strategic approach have transformed our campaigns and delivered exceptional results. From concept to execution, the agency's dedication and attention to detail have elevated our brand to new heights and we've seen remarkable growth. I highly recommend their services to any business seeking outstanding results.”
”If you want to elevate your digital marketing, Bind is the company you need to be using”
”I've worked with quite a few PPC agencies in my time. Without doubt Bind Media are the best! We'll be clients for a long time.”
”Bind Media have been nothing short of brilliant to work with! Their team have helped us to tremendously scale our campaigns, improve efficiency and make informed business decisions through their PPC, creative and analytics offerings.”
”Bind Media have done such a great job managing our Paid Advertising that when we decided to have an external audit done on our website we thought we would stick with the experts that we knew - and we made the right choice. We asked for a Conversion Rate Optimisation audit; to be honest we were a bit ignorant as to what we really needed but the team at Bind guided us through the process very effectively and we got so much more than we expected. We took an option for 'end user' input - this was very very useful as it gave us an overview of how a good cross-section of end users view our site; the end-user audience was selected to match the demographic of our typical customer base. It is great to have input from the experts at Bind as to how the site could be improved but the re-enforcement and 'little extras' that we got from watching the recorded sessions of non-technical users took the experience to another level. Each end user was guided on their journey through our site by a set of open ended scripted questions put together by the team at Bind. The audit findings from Bind came in four deliverables: a holistic report of the process from start to finish detailing issues and areas to be improved; a summarised and prioritied set of findings and objectives (segmented into issues/bugs; general observations; and ideas for improvement) with recommendations on how to proceed along with a set of 'mock-up' example solutions in Figma; we had a full Q&A presentation from the team at Bind; and we also got access to the full video recorded sessions of the end-user findings. We are still working our way through the action plan; Bind advised that we tackle the 'critical' findings immediately (and we did) but they said that other improvements should be made over time so that we can accurately measure the impact of each change and tweak our improvements to gain maximum return on investment. There is no doubt that the audit has already paid for itself and we still have many areas to improve...but perhaps the greatest paradigm shift for me was that I used to see our website as a static machine - it has always achieved great sales - but now I see it as a machine that can deliver much more through small considered tweaks...and it is also fun to change and measure...plan, do, check, act :). In summary, the website audit had been on our agenda for a long time but we did not really know the best way to go about it. We should not have worried, the team at Bind Media guided us through the process effectively and efficiently - they knew the questions to ask and demonstrated their capability in every interaction. We are now well on the way to a more productive and profitable website with results already being seen and more improvement in the pipeline...but perhaps the greatest (and unexpected) benefit was the reawakening of our continual improvement initiative - everyone has had an input, and is keen to have an input, and this is largely down to the inspiration from the amazing team at Bind Media”
”Bind Media has been a fantastic partner in helping us scale our PPC campaigns from scratch to dozens of thousands of dollars. They undoubtedly helped us accelerate the execution, tests and learnings, leading to them smashing goals each quarter.”