Under Armour HOVRâ„¢ MEGA 2 CLONE

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Creative content showcasing the unique material of the UA Clone upper, which adapts to your foot's shape and movements for a more precise fit

Under Armour challenged us to produce assets to introduce the HOVR Mega 2 CLONE, to be used in their FW21 Connected Running paid media campaign. The tone? Urban, gritty & authentic.

We combined product beauty shots, snappy editing and a powerful voiceover to promote the product launch. We showcased MapMyRun & Connected Running technology in a concise 15-second video summary for each gender. Alongside these, we created a longer 30-second piece, which will feature both genders, focused on the CLONE technology.

We translated technical information so it was easy to understand and highlighted the benefits to the consumer - a customised fit and optimised comfort. We grew the attention to each of these areas through the use of Phantom Ultrahigh-Speed slow-motion shots of the shoe in action, mixed alongside running content and 3D shoe renders with graphical elements.