Quality and quantity: How AudioMob’s audio ads worked for Socialpoint

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As mobile games become more slick, the opportunity for advertisers is increasing

And audio is proving itself to be the perfect format when paring quality ads with quality games.

With the mobile gaming sector’s growth skyrocketing, a powerful new opportunity for advertisers has emerged. Simply put, as the gaming medium matures, so too does its capacity to serve as a quality, impactful and brand-safe delivery vehicle for brands.

This opportunity is founded on straightforward growth. The mobile gaming audience is expanding and then some, with a staggering 3 billion players now enjoying mobile games worldwide. Revenues in the industry are equally tremendous, and likely to total $218.7 billion in 2024. And with all that growth, an emphasis on quality and sophistication is increasingly defining all kinds of mobile games.

Take the works of Socialpoint. Their games such as Word Life offer powerfully engaging experiences, expertly blending premium production quality with an approachability that has attracted a vast audience that spans numerous demographics. Equally, Socialpoint has seen its games retain customers for significant periods – far longer than is typical elsewhere. And in being designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, titles like World Life have brand safety at their very core.

For brands and advertisers, that presents an immense opportunity to meaningfully connect with swathes of those 3 billion highly engaged, receptive gamers that bring striking brand recall.

Mobile on point

Outfits like Socialpoint have grown to be substantial entities that advertisers should absolutely want to be seen alongside. Following Socialpoint’s founding in 2008, video game publishing giant Take-Two Interactive ultimately acquired the studio for at least $250 million in 2017.

Socialpoint is so valuable to Take-Two because they bring those highly polished, deeply entertaining gaming experiences that also deliver tremendous success. For context, Take-Two owns the global cultural phenomenon Grand Theft Auto – a series that had made $6.4 billion in revenues at the last count. And yet Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has previously highlighted that Socialpoint’s titles have been key to enhancing its financial results.

Following its ascension to the top flight of mobile publishers, Socialpoint has now chosen to partner with audio ad outfit AudioMob. AudioMob brings non-intrusive audio-ads to mobile games. That offering is a straightforward one in principle. Audio ads are served within a game while a user continues to play. This avoids the jarring, irritating experience familiar to so many mobile gamers, where a video ad blocks them from playing.That kind of intrusion can absolutely negatively impact the player’s relationship with both the game itself and the advertised brand

“It’s a method that’s currently delivering unrivalled results for brands like Currys, who harnessed the power of audio to secure a 3650% CTR uplift in a campaign conceived to drive Xbox Series S purchases,” offers AudioMob’s CEO Christian Facey. “The same campaign also saw a 14x increase in Xbox Series S purchase intent. The bespoke ad created cut through during a very noisy holiday period while bringing powerful monetisation to the game, all without harming retention. That is essentially what we exist to do.”

Those kinds of CTR lifts are far from unique to that one campaign, and can be seen across the brands and advertisers that have picked to deploy AudioMob’s format.

A word on success

The partnership with AudioMob is about elevating the success of Socialpoint’s games, certainly. But beyond that, it will have a material impact on the whole in-game audio advertising space, providing more opportunities for brands to reach players programmatically. Audio ads’ current rise is a key driver in the ongoing and broader renaissance for audio.

As part of that audio renaissance, in-game audio provides a truly modern format built to maximise impact in the new era of advertising, where the likes of IDFA have already become distant memories. . Audio ads’ graceful, sonically rich, non-intrusive nature complements sophisticated, polished mobile games, rather than detracting from them.

It’s also worth noting here that if a brand has audio ad content created for other audio channels, converting that content into a form that will work with games is strikingly efficient and cost-effective.

Quality of life

AudioMob’s deal with Socialpoint kicks off with Word Life – a puzzler that preempted global phenomenon Worlde in delivering relaxing crossword-like brain teasers. It’s a highly polished, slick creation that deeply engages players while providing just the kind of quality advertisers want as a delivery vehicle for their brands’. And for Socialpoint, AudioMob appealed because it provides a level of polish on a par with that seen in their games
“As a gaming publisher we are always looking for three things,” explains Martin Schmidt, Senior Product Ad Monetization Manager at Socialpoint. “First, we want to create a smooth experience between gameplay and advertising. Secondly we prefer to show our users brand campaigns rather than ads of other games. The majority of advertising demand in the mobile gaming sector is coming from mobile gaming itself. So you are basically inviting other publishers to take away valuable screen time from your users.

“Last, but not least, revenue is another important factor. Today we are looking for new, innovative ways to generate revenue now some of the older methods have become redundant. Audio ads seem to tick all the boxes, and we are pretty excited to go live with AudioMob in our word puzzle game Word Life.”

Audio ads’ proven potential to connect brands with relevant audiences while significantly improving revenues for publishers is explicit.rands can even lean on the AudioMob team to help them navigate this intimate and high impact space, with the trusted format of audio.

AudioMob has already worked with numerous high profile brands to deliver ads into quality mobile games - getting shortlisted for The Drum Digital Advertising Awards after working with Pampers/P&G on a quality, impactful audio ad activation.

The very best brands and game publishers are now harnessing the power of audio ads. It's a pivotal movement not to be missed out on. And the best start might simply be downloading Word Life, spending a little time playing, and getting a hands-on sense of this remarkable opportunity.