Mesh Office Seating

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Mesh Office seating approached atom from a contact through atom's company web site two years ago to help them produce a sales brochure to enable them to give to their distributors

At that time Mesh had no idea what they wanted to do in the brochure and how they wanted it to look and feel.

atom set to work on revamping their brand identity for use on primary stationery and marketing materials and subsequently onto all advertising materials and brochures.

The new identity reflected where mesh wanted to be and helped them compete in a marketplace that has some top players like Herman Miller as a main competitor.

atom set to work in asking the right questions and getting the requirements for budgets etc. The only stipulation was that they wanted the brochure to reflect their dynamic organisation and reflect the price point of the product.

After researching their competitors in the market, atom produced visuals, costs and production methods and presented these to the client.

The subsequesnt initial designs were signed off there and then and atom set to task on designing and producing their brochure for their flagship product.

Gareth Gillespie, M.D. of Mesh Office Seating said "The brochure was an instant hit with our distributors and makes it very easy for them to sell our chairs to potential clients. The design led approach and the attention to detail that atom instilled in their design is, I think second to none. We love our new brand identity and sales brochure."