Asana highlights real customers in new ‘Less chaos, more clarity’ campaign

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SAN FRANCISCO — January 6, 2020 — Asana - a leading work management platform for teams - today launched a new integrated campaign celebrating their over 70,000 customers

SAN FRANCISCO — January 6, 2020 — Asana - a leading work management platform for teams - today launched a new integrated campaign celebrating their over 70,000 customers. Created in partnership with San Francisco-based creative agency, Eleven Inc, the ‘Less chaos, more clarity’ campaign features more than 80 people who use Asana to do everything from creating memorable spaces to accelerating justice reform with their teams.

“This campaign is a love letter to our customers,” said Dave King, CMO at Asana. “The Asana brand lives in the stories and experiences of our customers. We are inspired by the remarkable things teams create with Asana. Featuring the real people behind the work is our way of saying thank you.”

King continues, “Partnering with Eleven Inc, the entire campaign was created start to finish on Asana, from brief to ideation to production and final asset approvals and delivery.”

Inspired by Richard Avedon’s ‘Alan Ginsberg’s Family’ and ‘The American West’ iconic photo series, the campaign features striking black and white photographic murals and portraits of everyday teams who use Asana. Swapping models for real customers and their teams, the ‘Less chaos, more clarity’ campaign embodies Asana’s mission of helping the world’s teams work together effortlessly. Teams featured in the campaign include: G2, Glassdoor, Figma, Fireclay Tile, Nerdwallet, Honor, and more.

“There is no better testament to the value a brand brings, than the voices of their most passionate customers, said Jarrett Hausske, President at Eleven. “We were determined to position these teams as our heroes throughout this campaign. And to ensure we were capturing the authenticity of the story, our entire collaboration and communication with Asana’s in-house teams leading up to the campaign was done on their platform—giving us valuable insight into the benefits of the product.”

Starting today and continuing through March, the campaign will run in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Appearing in traditional OOH placements in Times Square and Penn Station, the campaign is integrated across digital ads, press, podcasts, social and newsletters.

Earlier this year, Asana released its Anatomy of Work Index, which found that workers spend 60 percent of their day on ‘work about work’ - coordination, such as communicating about project status, searching for information, and managing shifting priorities - rather than on the skilled job they’ve been hired to do*. The campaign highlights how teams use Asana to spend less time on work about work and more time focused on the work that matters most.

"We're honored to participate in Asana's celebration of their customer stories in this inspiring campaign," said Ryan Bonnici, CMO at G2. "Asana has been a game changer for our organization - enabling us to launch campaigns twice as fast, while saving over 700 hours per year by nearly eliminating time spent in status meetings. At G2 we’re on a mission to be a trusted source that helps every business professional in the world make better technology decisions. Asana helps us get there.”