ARNOLD: Progressive’s “Motaur” Views a Herd

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The Motaur – the mythical half-man, half-motorcycle – rides again in a new :30 spot for Progressive, called “Herd


A visual manifestation of the core customer insight that motorcyclists often feel at one with their bikes, the Motaur is a way for Progressive to celebrate this often misunderstood community of riders. Up until now, viewers have only seen the Motaur (introduced in 2019) on his own, as he is questioned about his appearance by traditional humans. In this new spot, the story continues as we see the Motaur in a scenic landscape, taking in the beauty of a herd of stampeding dirt bike Motaurs. Our protagonist raises his front tire in salute.

This high-production value spot was created by Arnold, and made in collaboration with production partners Dummy (incl. director Harold Einstein), Arcade and The Mill. Although the work was shot before the pandemic, all post-production took place remotely over the past several weeks. The post production alone took approximately 3,400 hours, to bring the vision of the herd to life.