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Sustainable partnerships in action: Why collaborative and agile working adds value

October 15, 2021

We’re used to hearing that the marketing industry needs to shift – again. And certainly the industry, like the rest of the world, has been forced to adapt to unprecedented global circumstances in the last 18 months by becoming more collaborative.

But collaborative and agile ways of working don’t just benefit internal agency and in-house teams. What if the future of our industry lay in collaboration between different agencies and suppliers, working to add value for the same client?

Bringing together businesses that have a specific and defined offering to work in harmony for the benefit of clients adds value not just for brands, but for the wider industry.

And the costs of not investing in relationships and collaboration are high, in the form of lengthy and expensive pitch processes.

Focusing on strong relationships with clients leads to the most efficient delivery of the highest quality work, and at Aprais we have data that backs this up. Our analysis of Effie Award winners proved that winning teams that had been evaluated by Aprais scored each other above the global average in 72 per cent of cases of agency evaluation of client, and 74 per cent of cases of marketers’ score of their agency. We think strong relationships with partners can also deliver higher quality work, in a more efficient and cost-effective way for the client.

Our new partnership with global production investment experts Murphy Cobb Associates brings together different yet complementary services that have hard data at their core.

Partnerships like this one offer an integrated approach to the client from agency brief to execution in the market.

Innovation, depth of knowledge, investment in technology and using the power of data to guide decisions all create a strong partnership for clients that are undergoing transformative journeys.

Both Aprais and MCA are agile companies that operate sustainably and we’ve always been aware of the need to pull resources and knowledge together, by way of collaborating with like-minded partners to provide the best holistic offerings. A partnership like this is the logical next step.

As Cath Cimei, chief opportunities officer at MCA, says: "We believe our clients can always do better – creatively, operationally and financially – and it’s our constant innovation that empowers them.

"Agency relationships form a key part of the relentless pursuit of developing the best creative, in the most efficient and beneficial way for our clients."


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