Seven behaviours that set the best client-agency relationships apart from the rest

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Drawing on more than 20 years of experience evaluating over 26,000 relationships, Aprais have been able to identify the characteristics of the best and worst-performing agencies and clients

While the fundamental characteristics of client-agency performance remain crucial, it has become important also to factor in the behaviours that help build strong relationships and produce good work.

Our analysis has identified the seven key behaviours that set the best teams apart from the rest.

We can also track how the significance of these behaviours has changed over the past decade, how clients and agencies are more prepared to challenge the status quo.

Functional competencies such as timing, process and financial management are no longer the highest-scoring characteristics for clients. Trust is now the benchmark.

The Covid pandemic has further changed the landscape and both parties have demonstrated an ability to adapt to new challenges universally in creative and media relationships.