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New innovative formats - Instant Purchase

by Jenny Stanley

29 June 2020 9:11am

The COVID crisis has seen companies pivot at impressive speeds, with a quicker adoption in the last 6 weeks than companies had seen in the last 6 years, eCommerce has been at the front of people's minds.

Innovation is now one of the most important values that a company has to have to succeed.

Customers seek for the newest marketing campaigns with the latest technologies, interaction, engagement and community are the three keys to succeed in the marketing field. In order to achieve that and increase not only awareness but also traffic on their social media platforms or websites, companies have to create new formats. Another important modern theme is instantaneous purchases. In our society, customers want to have quick and quality services or products - NOW! Audiences are increasingly time poor and with concentration times dwindling at just a handful of seconds abandoned shopping carts are on the rise. Finally the other largest trend is recommendation. Users are more than ten times more likely to buy a product if it has been recommended by a friend.

Innovation has to be present in product, strategies and in campaigns… so our team created some innovative formats that look at more dynamic sharing of ads, and also offer users the ability to purchase products directly from the app and cover all three of these themes.

WhatsApp sharing allows the brand to choose a predetermined message to share once people engage with the ad. While taking a look at your product choices with just one click you are able to share them with your friends, ask for their opinion or drop a gift hint.

Another innovative format that we offer is the Instant Purchase. Now imagine you want to purchase and can do so right there and then? Our instant purchase beats the customer drop off from click to purchase ads and increases purchases by 60%. No need to worry about slow loading websites, long purchase funnels or waiting for consumers to fill up their baskets- allow them to purchase in the moment! This format simplifies the purchasing process and encourages customers to buy in a quicker and safer way.

Here are some examples of campaigns of WhatsApp sharing and Instant purchase formats:

Miller Harris campaign -

We created a new sharing format for Miller and Harris, a perfume brand. We established the possibility to share the direct link of the website in the WhatsApp App and to purchase instantly by only one click. In this way you are able to share your favourite products with all your friends. This increases brand awareness and traffic because with this format you can reach a larger audience than with the traditional marketing formats. The Instant purchase option increases sales because the process gets simplified so no more problems and slow platforms, only one click. Combining the two formats, the results get even better because the awareness and website traffic increases as well as the sales.

Pandora -

For the Pandora company, the objective was to dynamise the launch of the new spring collection by updating the format into a more modern and interactive one such as the WhatsApp sharing format. In that way, the customer was able to see all the products from the collection by scrolling in the main page, and whenever they wanted to share the product that they chose, they just had to click into the WhatsApp option and send it to their friends and family. - the perfect way to drop a gift hint!

3% of the male audience clicked through, fifteen times the benchmarkThe female audience was a massive success with 4.54% CTR

In this campaign, we also added the option of instant purchasing, so at the same time that you are sharing the content of the ad, you can shop from just one click. In the same ad unit you have the sharing and the purchasing option. This increases traffic, awareness and sales at the same time. Success combo!

Estée Lauder -

For this company, we created an ad with possible gifts for Christmas. Users are able to see the product and gift variety and on the same page they were able to share the product with their friends and family by just one click. This increases shares and consequently increases brand awareness, we made the format easy and simple to share, so that customers are more willing to share the content, recommend to their friends and in consequence traffic and sales increase. Customers need simple, efficient and quick options to share and purchase, so that the purchasing and sharing process gets efficient and successful. ou may want your friends opinion or perhaps your planning a trip or wedding make up together, how easy just to share directly from the ad.

Boots -

We established the quick and safe option of the Instant purchase format, its an efficient and quicker way to complete the purchase process. Using e-payment technology buttons integration technology, we allow users to be able to purchase directly from Ads. In this case, the customer users are able to check-out with Paypal directly from the ad. This facilitates the payment process and in consequence the purchases increase because the process is very simple. All sales and delivery channels are recorded and dealt with by the retailers current processes, no need to change. For the user - no long page load times or lengthy check out processes. Research tells us on average there are 6 steps to a retailer's check out process with more that half their users dropping off and abandoning the purchase. With our adformt Instant Purchase users have the ability to purchase their desired product within 6 seconds.

To sum up, with these innovative formats- Users can share the brand and pre-programmed message with personal contacts in Whatsapp, or start a new conversation directly with the brand. In consequence, it increases awareness of your brand, discounts or offers, appearing directly into your audiences mobile phones, all via recommendations by their friends in their WhatsApp or Facebook chats!

If they want to purchase they just can. No additional technical issues. It is a quick and safe way to simplify the purchase process. With the WhatsApp sharing format we increase web traffic and brand awareness and establishing the option of the instant purchasing format we increase sales by simplifying the process. This means that those two formats are the best combo to get the best results especially now when online is even more important than ever.

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