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10 August 2018 11:58am

FemmeNiche, a Women’s networking initiative founded by Appetite Creative, hosted a corporate ladies’ dinner on the 13th of March, 2018, at Dubai’s luxurious Tribeca, Ocean View Hotel. Aimed at spreading awareness that success and ambition are not gender-exclusive, it brought together like-minded women to enjoy an evening of inspiring speeches, panel debate, and a three-course dinner.

“FemmeNiche brings together women from all backgrounds and all industries with the aim of having fun, being inspired, and pushing boundaries.”

We heard from such inspirational speakers as:

Karen Storey

Karen, founder and Managing Partner of The Storey Group, a business Advisory & Human Capital consulting firm, has over 20 years' management experience. She is an expert in Strategy Development, Organisational Restructure, Human Capital Strategy Implementation, Change Management and Internal Communications & Engagement.

Karen held an interactive session and took us back to our happiest work memories with the aim of inspiring the teams that work for us.

Pegah Ghaemi

Director, producer, and co-founder of The Works Network.

Pegah co-founded the production company ‘New Wave Films' in Iran, with a prime focus on women’s films and hiring female crews.

Her films have enjoyed success at many festivals including Rotterdam, Cannes, and Slamdance. Pegah shared stories about who had inspired her throughout her journey.

Rasha Sakr

Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company

Having studied across Egypt, the USA, and the UK has more than twenty years (8+ years in Unilever) of marketing and business management experience across the Middle East told us her of her experiences and how to work through adversity.

Mashal Waqar

Co-founder of ‘The Tempest’, a woman’s social network that has teams of women in more than 24 countries, and millions of monthly followers, gave us her opinion on the barriers to success, as well as tips from her life stories.

Puja Pannum

Managing Director of Blis MENA, said bringing together women at an event like this is brilliant. “One thing I’ve learnt is that the key to success for working mothers is effective time management and I am happy to inspire others and learn at the same time."

Natalia Hassanie

Founder – Posetivity Sports Services – Yoga & Mindfulness programs

After suffering cancer in 2014, Natalie changed her lifestyle and outlook on life. Her message is to inspire and empower women, men, and children to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Jenny Stanley

Founder and MD of Appetite Creative, said:

“it has been really exciting to see the positive feedback and the number of sponsors who have wanted to be involved in this initiative. FemmeNiche will look to hold four of these events a year, each looking to bring together a group of like-minded women for a fun and inspiring evening. The launch event of FemmeNiche was just fantastic.”

Thanks again to Desert Pandas who provided us with world-class photography throughout the night.

Our next event will be Aveda Flagship store at the Galleria in Sept/Oct. If you’d like to participate or sponsor, please contact Jenny Stanley at for more details and invitation.