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Analytic Partners is a proven global leader in measurement and optimisation. Our adaptive solutions integrate proprietary technology powered by the latest data science delivered through our platform and high-touch consulting.

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Introducing Commercial Mix Analytics: measurement evolved

January 20, 2021

The latest white paper from Analytic Partners, Commercial Mix Analytics: Measurement Evolved, shares Analytic Partners’ proprietary measurement approach built to overcome today’s measurement challenges to provide a holistic, multi-dimensional, and multi-layered decisioning system: Commercial Mix Analytics (CMA).

What is Commercial Mix Analytics?

Central to our philosophy is the concept that in order to thrive, businesses need to continually adapt and evolve. This concept extends to the methodologies used for analytics and measurement. As new data is available and new challenges arise, such as the deprecation of existing data, advanced analytic approaches need to evolve. With these constantly evolving challenges in mind we have developed a proprietary solution called Commercial Mix Analytics that has become the foundation of our client offerings.

A Unified Decisioning System

We believe in the actionability of analytics and their impact on decision-making across the whole organisation. That is why CMA is not only a solution delivering you answers to your questions about the effectiveness of your marketing activities. It is a Unified Commercial Decisioning System that is going beyond the analysis of single channels and combines all commercial business drivers into one view.

This decisioning system provides rich insights that take into account the complexities businesses face in today’s world. Unified Commercial Decisioning with Commercial Mix Analytics goes beyond traditional Unified Measurement by rejecting the top-down/bottom-up framework of Marketing Mix Modeling and Multi-touch Attribution for a more robust and accurate, multi-dimensional, multi-layered approach. An evolution in measurement, Commercial Mix Analytics is holistic and multi-faceted, blending the best scientific methods, including statistical and ML/AI methods powered with deep intelligence, to deliver on the need for forward-looking insights, delivered with agility, speed and scale.

Learn more about the benefits

Download a copy of the white paper to learn more about the impact of Commercial Mix Analytics, including:

  • How this technology can overcome the gaps left by existing methods, including MMM, MTA and Unified Measurement
  • How Commercial Mix Analytics blends advanced Machine Learning /Artificial Intelligence techniques with statistical and econometric models in a holistic system, supplemented by learning experimentation
  • Real-life case studies and results

Adapt. Evolve. Thrive.


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