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Introducing Costa Coffee’s first-ever TikTok campaign ‘The Costa For You’ – the first brand to use the For You Page to target its audience

Introducing Costa Coffee’s first-ever TikTok campaign ‘The Costa For You’ – the first brand to use the For You Page to target its audience

Costa Coffee has launched its first campaign on TikTok, making it the first brand to hack TikTok’s algorithm and innovate on the platform by using the For You Page to target its audience.

Created by independent global creative digital agency AnalogFolk, the campaign serves up the individual’s perfect Costa experience based on their TikTok browsing history, via in-feed ads on their For You Page (FYP).

The campaign is brought to life via a collection of ‘FYP Decides’-style videos – a popular TikTok format where a person’s algorithm makes a choice for them through the content it serves them.

Simon Richings, executive creative director, AnalogFolk London: “The For You Page is what makes TikTok tick. This work is a first, in that it knowingly plays with the endless, curated fun people find on their FYP. We’re able to get across Costa Coffee’s message of versatility in a way that doesn’t feel like an interruptive ad break – it feels native to the platform and connects better with the audience.”

Each of the 14 videos feature the TikTok user’s algorithm, personified using the eyes and mouth filter (another popular TikTok trend). This knowing and entertaining character tells the viewer all about a unique way for them to enjoy Costa Coffee.

Each taps into a different TikTok subculture, with the algorithm’s personality shifting and changing to match the various tropes, trends and in-jokes of that interest area. As well as being hugely entertaining, this enables Costa Coffee to build a genuine connection with its audience.

For example, anyone whose TikTok activity suggests they’ve been a little stressed lately will see ‘The Relaxation One’ where the algorithm spoofs ASMR creators to softly suggest a super-comforting, warm, frothy hot chocolate, delivered straight to their door via delivery.

Or for anyone tapping up TikTok for celeb goss, there’s ‘The Exclusive One’ where the algorithm takes on the role of a fast and furious reporter, to urge the viewer to get their hands on the latest ‘collab’ – the KitKat x Costa Coffee muffin.

Or for nature lovers there’s ‘The Outdoorsy One’ where the algorithm mimics a Disney Princess, encouraging the viewer to befriend all of the animals they encounter on a hike with a handy can of Costa coffee-in-a-can, and an energy-giving jammy vegan flapjack.

Using a diverse range of actors to take on the algorithm’s 14 different ‘personalities’, each video is carefully designed to accommodate the algorithm character front and centre, and also the unique trends and tropes of the TikTok world, as well as the relevant Costa Coffee products.

Adam Deal, Senior Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager at Costa Coffee Said:“We love this fun, clever, unique way to seamlessly blend into and enhance consumers' dynamic lifestyles, staying one step ahead of their needs. It delivers the message that no matter who you are and what you’re into, there’s a Costa Coffee for you amongst our huge choice of products and services.”