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The Alliance for Audited Media is the recognized leader in print and digital media verification. We help marketers identify audited publishers and give quality media an edge over the millions of options in the advertising supply chain.


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Six time-saving resources every media buyer should know

September 1, 2021

As digital advertising grows, so do the number of ways marketers can buy ads. From direct buys to private marketplaces to the vast Open RTB ecosystem, the number of platforms and players involved can be immense and complex, which can make the process of determining the best path to take time-consuming and inefficient.

The industry has responded to the call for greater supply chain transparency by creating tools that make it easier for media buyers to find quality partners, build inclusion lists and make the buying process more efficient. Here is an overview of several of these resources:

1). The AAM Audited Domain List

The Alliance for Audited Media recently launched a new audit solution to help legitimate publishers stand out for their commitment to creating quality advertising environments that deliver human audiences. The AAM Digital Publisher Audit is an in-depth analysis of a publisher’s website traffic and business practices to determine whether a publisher is effectively minimizing ad fraud risk. This continuous audit acts as a signal of quality so that buyers can direct their media investment toward publishers that have been thoroughly vetted by a third party. All audited publishers are included on the AAM Audited Domain List, which can be downloaded from AAM’s website and used to build inclusion lists and prioritize audited publishers in DSPs and direct buys.

2). The IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry and Transparency Center

The IAB Tech Lab develops solutions to increase supply chain transparency and give marketers better control of their transactions. The IAB Tech Lab Compliance Registry is a free online resource that provides a comprehensive, consolidated view of a company’s status in various industry compliance programs.

The IAB Tech Lab also recently launched its Transparency Center, an online database that aggregates data from across the supply chain and houses it in one easy-to-use platform. The Transparency Center was developed to help buyers and sellers learn more about their digital advertising partners including the industry standards they adhere to and compliance program certifications.

3). The LMC Local News Advertising Inclusion List

The Local Media Consortium is an association of local newspapers, broadcasters and online news outlets committed to quality journalism. The LMC Local News Advertising Inclusion List includes thousands of vetted local media advertising opportunities for national brands.

4). The Maple Network Exchange

The Maple Network Exchange is a new self-serve buying platform supported by News Media Canada that delivers premium ad inventory from news media publishers across Canada. This allows marketers to have easy access to inventory that reaches nearly 85% of Canadians via a platform that is committed to providing transparency on dollars spent.

5). MRC-accredited fraud detection vendors

The Media Rating Council (MRC) sets industry standards and guidelines to define and measure invalid traffic (IVT). Marketers and agencies can use MRC-accredited vendors to detect and measure IVT from an ad delivery perspective and have confidence that these companies have adhered to industry standards developed by MRC. A list of these MRC-accredited companies can be found on the MRC website.

6). The TAG Registry

The Trustworthy Accountability Group brings together organizations from across the supply chain to set standards that promote greater transparency in digital advertising. The TAG Registry lists brands, agencies, publishers and tech providers that are members of the organization and committed to increasing trust in digital advertising.

While these resources are valuable tools buyers can use to find quality partners and increase buying efficiency, it’s important for marketers to voice the need for greater supply chain transparency. Ask publishers to have audits if they don’t already. Tell your partners that you will prioritize those who participate in industry programs and accreditations. By encouraging sellers to become more proactive and investing in those who do, you will achieve greater ROI and elevate the entire industry.


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