New speedy set up agency management tool launched by The Agency Works

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Increasing profitability, over-servicing and accurate forecasting are three financial issues that we know are front-of-mind for agency bosses

We also know that having the time to set up systems and operations to monitor this can sometimes hold agencies back in taking the plunge with an agency management system.

To try and help ease the burden of time-poor agencies, we have launched a new offering in partnership with Synergist called Synergist Fast Track.

Synergist Fast Track is a new implementation approach that will get you up and running inside four weeks with minimal input from yourselves. Your system will include all the key tools that form part of the full Synergist management system, with the ability to add more features at a later date if you so wish.

You will then be able to control estimating, quoting, costs, time, purchases, billing and new client opportunities. Within a month from now, your agency could be producing reports including new business forecasts, client profitability, invoice forecasts and staff utilisation, all of which can help drive profitability.

We are even offering agencies their money back if they are not happy after three months so contact us for an online demo to see how it all works and how it can benefit your agency.