How French radio station Europe 1 optimized personalization and creativity with innovative Voice Ads

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The Situation

The Situation

Personalization and creativity are essential to meaningful ad experiences. With the right tools, publishers can access advertising formats that yield higher CPMs and create a more natural interaction with their listeners.

In France, voice technology is becoming a more viable and impactful means of communication with brands. In one study by My Media Group and Search Foresight, 61% of French respondents who own at least one voice assistant or a smart speaker either use it occasionally or often.

These shifts in consumer behavior have compelled publishers to increase their efforts to reach consumers and embrace new technological formats and innovations.

Lagardère Publicité News, the audiovisual and press division of the French multi-industry group Lagardère, wanted a unique way to reach and interact with listeners who adopt voice assistants and smart speakers. Thanks to a new innovative audio creation, Lagardère now offers Voice Ads on Europe 1, one of the leading radio broadcasting stations in France, owned and operated by Lagardère Active, a subsidiary of the Lagardère Group.

Lagardère Publicité News made their decision to partner with AdsWizz based largely on the overall demand for the technology that AdsWizz offers, as well as its renowned and unique capabilities to deliver the right content to the right audiences and initiate natural conversations with Voice Ads.

The Solution

A new technology developed by Adswizz for Voice Ads sets off a digital dialogue between brands and audiences and creates a positive, personalized listening experience.

Voice Ads allow listeners to interact by voice and trigger an action without interrupting their listening to the radio stream or podcast. Voice Ads include a question that prompts the listener to answer with a specific predefined set of words during a set time interval. By answering the question asked, they can be redirected to the advertiser’s website and download an application, a discount coupon, or even add an event to their calendars.

Voice Ads make it possible to engage in a direct conversation with the listener and to target messages according to several criteria, such as time of day, weather, geographical area, etc. This format offers a memorable experience for listeners and conveys a practical path for advertisers to address multiple advertising objectives across streaming and podcasts.

By enhancing the advertising experience, Voice Ads boosts its capability through an innovative and exceptional audio product that dramatically augments unique audio creation and increases a campaign’s engagement rate.

The Results

For Europe 1, this new format integrated audio and digital with unique listening capabilities that prompted interaction between the listener and advertiser.The combination of technology and a new listening experience supported the brand in achieving its goal of reaching audiences who embrace voice assistants and smart speakers.

Regional tourism company Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme and its agency Signe des Temps were the first advertiser to benefit from this creative and original audio format on Europe 1. Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Tourisme wanted to meet the challenges of promoting the autumn season and engage consumers in a more personalized exchange.

“This new format brings together the best of audio and digital, with a privileged listening context and a unique creative proposal encouraging the listener to interact with the advertising message,” said Laurent Dauron, Director of Digital Operations at Lagardère Publicité News. “These tailor-made technologies and the success of this new listening experience reinforce our ambition to imagine new innovative formats for the advertising of tomorrow.”

In the end, this campaign resulted in high impact and effectiveness, and we can't wait for what the future holds for Lagardère and their use of Innovative Voice Ads. Listening habits are shifting worldwide, and the brands that recognize this trend and adapt their strategies accordingly will emerge victorious and enjoy the best results.