Corona beer reaches beachgoers with custom audio campaigns.

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New Zealand Media and Entertainment (NZME), a leading media company with a wide array of digital audio content across the iHeart platform and MediaCom, a global leader in media communications, wanted to give their client Corona Extra a unique and creative approach to expand their reach and help improve their relevancy scores. Corona Extra is the most popular Mexican beer and the sixth most valuable beer brand in the world.


Aimed to support Corona’s long-standing call to Kiwis “from where you’d rather be”, NZME and AdsWizz brought together location-targeted notifications by leveraging AdsWizz’s dynamic creative versioning tool, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO). DCO uses various data sets – such as behavioral audience segments, device types, local weather and more – to dynamically generate and deliver a multitude of customized creatives to a multitude of listeners, at scale.

AdsWizz combined live weather data and geolocation and demographic targeting (age 25+) to deliver real-time "Corona Surf Reports". Listeners who were within a 15km radius of selected beaches around New Zealand would hear the campaign containing the surf report about the beach nearest them.

The surfing data was pulled via API to include 16 different wind directions, 30 wind speeds, 39 swell heights all cross-referenced with 20 beach locations, creating 6,400 different ad variables.

The outcome was an advertisement that sounded exactly like a seamless, live-read surf report - that just happened to be from the beach down the road:

Audio example 1 – Whangamata Beach
Audio example 2 – Shipwreck Bay Beach
Audio example 3 – Piha Beach
Audio example 4 – Mount Maunganui Beach


This campaign enabled the delivery of 751,000 surf reports made up of 6,400 possible combinations of data, live, in real-time, to location-targeted surfers.

95% of ads were served to mobile, reaching consumers when they were on the move at the critical juncture of “where they were going” with a message of “where they’d rather be”.

Most importantly, Corona saw a 2% increase in their relevancy scores as a result of this powerful audio campaign.


Corona has campaigns planned using this tech again, but for snow reports.

On the face of it the brief was pretty simple – to improve our “brand that appeals to me” relevancy scores by bringing to life our iconic summer themed strapline “from where you’d rather be” in a disruptive and unique way.

The end result that the Adswizz and NZME teams created with the Corona surf audio was incredibly innovative, enabled us to reach our audience in an occasion based relevant manner and ultimately delivered our “From where you’d rather be” message perfectly. More importantly it delivered the result we were after, with a 2% improvement in our relevancy scores.”

~Ray Shultz, Brand Manager, Corona, Lion NZ