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Introducing The Industry’s First Data Bureau

by Amy Dougherty

13 August 2020 19:44pm

What is a Data Bureau?

A Data Bureau focuses on enabling brands and advertisers to get more out of their existing marketing and customer experience technologies and campaigns. At Adstra, we orchestrate the use of data and identity consistently across media.

Adstra's Data Bureau absorbs any form of identity (individual or household), assigns a persistent ID connected to attributes data, and actions against any other media or form of identity. Working independently of a brand’s choice in technology, this allows identity resolution to evolve with market conditions. Above all, it enables brands to meet privacy regulations by linking data back to validated individuals or customers.

Adstra Data Bureau also combines predictable cost structures with guidance from expert industry veterans, freeing marketers to explore incremental applications of data without burdensome incremental cost.

Adstra launched the industry’s first Data Bureau as a solution to today's challenges.

Solving the death of the cookie

The problem of solving the death of the cookie currently transfixes the data and marketing industry. This is a generational challenge engaging all the brightest minds in the space.

However, the concern around the cookie masks deeper problems with data provisioning and deployment for marketing purposes. These issues concern the core technological infrastructures and business models that support the largest legacy data companies. Outdated models hinder marketers’ ability to orchestrate data between all the places it needs to go within an omnichannel reality. But resolving the death of the cookie alone is not enough to address these barriers.

The future of media and commerce

The future of media and commerce lies in data that meaningfully connects brands and consumers. And yet, the outdated technological and economic models of today’s data providers fail to deliver such data. The industry needs a solution designed specifically for today's marketer: agile, extensible, cost-efficient, people-based, and privacy-compliant.

The largest category leaders are currently ill-suited to provide durable solutions for these criteria. In today’s market, most category leaders have focused on specific use cases—solving discrete problems within specific media channels. But an entirely new category is needed for a company to take on the biggest problems in data.

The Data Bureau is, in other words, our response to the barriers holding back the effective application of data in marketing today.


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