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Creative Labs visual identity

by Wawrzyniec Slusarczyk

Creative Labs is an innovation lab that fosters the development of intra-entrepreneurship and implements original innovation programs. The team focuses on unlocking the business potential of employees through training, workshops, and ongoing mentor support. As the purpose of Creative Labs is to teach, guide, and inspire, the company needed a brand communication system that captured the welcoming energy of open-mindedness and learning. Our first task was to find a coherent language of innovation and translate it into design and branding, as well as a series of digital and printed materials.

To communicate the brand’s commitment to openness, we designed an open signet made of the truncated letters "C" and "L". This symbol is constructed in a block-like style suggestive of relationship building and an open approach to change, which is the foundation of innovation.

The three most important pillars of the brand image (logo, colours, and geometric shapes) make up the essence of the design and constitute a starting point for its creative development, while the block shapes represent the three key values of the company: open-mindedness, innovation, and development.

The new brand language is intended to be both energetic and thoughtful, and inspiring in ways that are subtle and innovative – starting with the colour palette, through icon style, up to 3D animation. In many of the materials, we went with forms, styles, and combinations never seen before in our creations.

Creative Lab’s visual identity is intended to be open to improvements, enhancements, and adaptation to changing formats and media. The designers created a system that was both easy to understand and modify.

Creative Labs’ key value of continued development is symbolized by the 2D illustrations which shift attention to CL’s educational focus: nurturing ideas within a flexible format. This representation is particularly well suited to the brand’s core identity as it suggests that there is an infinite amount of knowledge that we can gain through connection and inspiration.

Creative Labs helps employers to tap into the creative talent of their team and improve the lives of people who have hidden talents and ideas to offer. This kind of caring and listening, provided with guidance and encouragement, can improve the work environment and make companies healthier and more productive.


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