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Walgreens Boots Alliance & VMLY&R

by Tom Harvey

Client: Walgreens Boots Alliance

Situation: Walgreens Boots Alliance realized that the No7Company beauty brand needed to have its own strong digital presence.

Challenge: The parent company and beauty brand shared the same digital management team and needed to manage important digital assets and communication efforts in a single place.

Solution: Acquia Cloud Platform

Results: The new site provides a standalone platform for the beauty brand, its content and media.

Meta description: When Boots brand No7Company needed a website that could work across brands yet stand on its own, they turned to Acquia for the solution.

The Client

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) is a global leader in retail pharmacy, impacting millions of lives every day through dispensing medicines and providing accessible, high-quality care. Developed by Boots, No7Company is a popular brand of skincare and cosmetics.

The Situation
No7Company and its related product brands have lived under the umbrella of its parent company, Boots. But brand stakeholders realized that the brand needed to have its own strong digital presence. They knew they needed to launch a standalone website, allowing the brand to stand on its own, reaching investors, B2B customers and career candidates.

The Challenge
There were a number of challenges to overcome to build a site that would meet WBA and No7Company’s needs. The parent company and beauty brands needed to share the same digital management team. Additionally, to unify communication efforts, the company and brands needed a single place to manage important digital assets such as images, video and documents.

The Solution
Understanding it needed to be able to effectively reach investors, news media, employees and prospective employees, WBA tapped VMLY&R to lead its digital efforts. To build the site quickly, VMLY&R took advantage of Drupal multisite capabilities, “borrowing” from’s codebase to rapidly build and deploy This approach allowed the teams to build on the foundation of, creating a familiar, easy-to-use interface for content administrators.

VMLY&R also took advantage of extensible contributed Drupal modules to integrate No7's social media account feeds into key pages on the site in customizable ways. Now, No7 content administrators can easily add single or combined social media feeds to any page with just a few clicks of the mouse, further driving engagement and reminding visitors of No7's cultural and human influences.

Using Acquia Cloud allowed the VMLY&R team to rapidly develop and deploy a new site, significantly increasing speed to market and allowing No7 to more easily communicate in a powerful, evocative manner over the course of just a few development sprints — while simultaneously simplifying hosting and website management and reducing costs.

The Results
The new site provides a standalone platform for the beauty brand, its content and media. The brand is now able to stand on its own, allowing for more effective promotion.


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