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Are demographics dead?

by Mark Lewsey

June 25, 2021

As expected, a lively discussion ensued when our panel of marketing experts met to debate the various stages of the marketing journey from planner through to researcher and end user.

Joining Accord’s head of analytics Kara Bennett were our strategy director Jasman Ahmad, research director Wez Eathorne from Opinium, and marketing director Lisa Edwards-Webb from Titan Travel.

What became clear is that demographics are not dead. Indeed, they serve as an important clue to understanding behaviours and attitudes. As a starting point, they provide an entry level of segmentation that guides and influences strategy and tactics.

Here are some key takeaways:

Understanding the relationship between marketing channels is crucial, as is analysing data and insights throughout the path to purchase in order to accurately target.

Demographics are applicable when playing the long game - a mass-market approach to target the whole category - and media planning is better suited to demographics as they tell us ‘who’ we are targeting and the most appropriate media titles to do so.

However, the ‘why’ is equally, if not more, important - to paint an accurate picture of the audience.

Understanding why people do what they do enables us marketers to better recognise the consumer and reach them on a more emotional level.

As we move down the purchase funnel towards acquisition, it’s essential that customer databases are regularly reviewed in order to keep them up to date and maximise potential.

In summary, the challenge is how to take behavioural findings from research studies and audience databases, such as people’s values and opinions, and apply them to marketing strategies. Too often, we are constrained by the tools at our disposal so using the targeting capabilities within digital platforms is essential. Niche targeting and clever creative, tailored to the variety of values within your audience, will enable a better user experience with your brand.

Always remember, psychographics tell us ‘what to say’, whereas demographics tell us ‘where to say it’.

The webinar is available to view on demand here.


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