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Branding - CV Villas

by Mark Lewsey

The challenge:
To help villa provider CV Villas stand out in an oversaturated marketplace, Accord were tasked with delivering a comprehensive rebrand.

The solution:
In order to deliver the right messaging, we needed to first understand the business, what it does particularly well, how it interacts with its customers and what makes it distinctive compared to the competition.

As staff have always been the bedrock of CV Villas’ brand, we began by conducting a series of group immersion sessions to assess existing brand sentiment. We then combined this with customer and partner research to identify core USPs and values, ensuring that internal perception aligned with external reality.

Drawing on these insights – particularly the language that customers used - we crafted a new brand identity that would closely resonate with customers: ‘We do things your way’. By combining this clearer brand proposition with a more muted, refined colour palette and typography, we perfectly encapsulated their key values of personalisation, expertise and flexibility.

22% year-on-year web traffic increase
27% year-on-year turnover increase post-launch
34% year-on-year increase in brand searches

"In an uncertain consumer landscape, the brand refresh Accord delivered for us has enabled us to outperform industry benchmarks and cement CV Villas as the luxury villa provider of choice. I have worked with Accord for a number of years, across a variety of disciplines, and can’t speak highly enough of them."

- Pete Brudenell - Head of Marketing, CV Villas


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CV Villas