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The Thinkery - Access' marketing insight, strategy and planning service

The Thinkery is Access’ marketing insight, strategy and planning service.

The Thinkery brand name was inspired by the idea of a distillery/brewery and how this emulated the ideation process.

Like any good craft ale, several ingredients go into solving a strategic problem and the success comes from the brewing and ‘distillation’ of an idea.

Impactful Direct Mail Campaign
To promote The Thinkery’s services, Access created a visually impactful direct mail campaign that centred on a cleverly packaged physical beer bottle.

Each side of the box containing the Thinkery’s own brand of beer communicated key messages and calls to action. It included a link to the campaign landing page, offering more information including photography, case studies and blog, and pointed recipients to a short animated video to explain the service offer.

To resonate with time poor cold prospects (Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers, Business Owners, Sales and Digital Managers and CEOs) the mailer needed to be succinct, with direct language and clear call to actions in a format that captures attention. A physical mailer in a digital world (and very busy email inboxes) increased standout.

The creative strategy was to visualise the service offering and avoid being too text heavy, corporate and uninspiring.

Distribution was staged in four well-spaced batches that allowed for adequate follow up of each list ensuring no warm prospects were allowed to cool.

A telemarketing campaign followed shortly after each batch of beer bottles had been posted. Response to the mailer was extremely positive and the vast majority of prospects were enthused by the proposition as a result; this made it easier to progress meetings.

Monthly ‘Keep in touch’ emails from The Thinkery showcasing Access’s portfolio of work and expertise were also part of the campaign together with promotion through social media channels (posts, gifs and blogs).

Access has generated fantastic results from practicing what it preaches. The success is testament to the insight and targeting that went into the campaign.


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