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Oatly and "Somna med Henrik", together with Acast, gave listeners the ultimate gift of sleep with an entire podcast episode dedicated to oats that received nearly 30,000 listens

by Carla Travers Cleaver

Oatly came to Acast and wanted to do something that did not risk killing any listener's soul.

We know that listeners do not turn to podcasts for advertising, but to be entertained or enlightened by voices they like and recognise. Therefore, the focus of the campaign was to give listeners a reason to press play and natural bled then to let Oatly give listeners a gift, in the form of a podcast episode. One of the podcasts where the listeners have a very clear reason to press play is "Sleep with Henrik". He simply helps listeners fall asleep, which in itself is one of the best gifts you can get. And it goes without saying that oat milk and sleep have very few obvious connections, so we asked Henrik to give his listeners a really fantastic goodnight story - then there was a (both true and false) story about oats, without any other comments about the Oatly brand / product.

The episode was broadcast just like all the usual episodes in Somna mit Henrik's feed, giving it a feel of authenticity. The episode generated almost 30,000 listens within 4 weeks, and an engagement rate of 95% - which shows that the content engaged the listener to the same extent as the podcast's regular episode (engagement rate 90%).